Disney Sumsionfest 2009

73 degrees average temperature
35 thousand dollars spent on each fireworks show
11.5 people in our party (10 adults, 1.5 kids)
8 rides I could go on in my pregnant state
5 churros consumed. Look, I shared two, so it really wasn’t that bad.
2 Bob Saget Sightings
2 season passes upgraded (we will be back, Disneyland!)
1 tiny pink onesie purchased
1 person in our party who puked..and shall remain nameless

Well, we have safely returned from our whirlwind weekend in Anaheim. I’m so glad we got to go and see the whole entire family- we haven’t been together since Christmas! 6 months is a long time for us.

We ate churros and ice cream cones, stood in lines, rode a bunch of rides, walked approximately one million miles, went to bed late and got up early. It was a great little vacation.

It is hard for me to convey how much my mother loves Disneyland. She brings her little shoulder bag full of m & m’s and she is good to go for the whole day. She isn’t huge on the crazy coasters but she loves Big Thunder Railroad and I’m pretty sure she rode it about five times. Maybe more. She has more energy than all of us put together- she gets sad if we leave the park before close. Sometimes I think she will retire from her life and move to Disneyland to play a pirate.

I had a non-riding buddy- our little niece, Madilyn. Everyone would go ride the big rides and she and I would eat sweet potato puffs and walk around trying to pick up dirty things. She is honestly the smartest little girl I have ever seen, so smiley and just a happy baby. It was great because it gave me something to do, and I was content to accept compliments from strangers on her behalf. Although, I’m sure people thought I was nuts to have a one year old toddler and a 6-month pregnant belly.

Of course, what would this post be without some pictures.

3 thoughts on “Disney Sumsionfest 2009

  1. Micci,you mom is seriously so cool! I hope to be that kind of mom when my kids get older. How does your dad like D-Land?


  2. What a fun trip! Madilyn is so cute and chubby! How cool is your mom that she loves Disneyland so much?!? How come there are not more pics of you? I want to see that belly. Seriously so jealous that you got to eat those churros…yum!


  3. Cute pictures! It looks like one good time. And yes, your mom LOVES life and has endless energy. I think the same of my dad.Awesome trip!!!


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