Listen people, we have some big events coming up. *Warning, serious planning ahead. May cause jealousy.*

First, my besties Leigh and Mex are flying in tonight from San Francisco. These are my people, my bosom buddies, and they make the trek to Utah about twice a year. How lucky am I? We are going to have a fantastic weekend together full of the Wii, food, and So You Think You Can Dance, and lots of talking. (Sorry Jazz)

Last night Jazz helped me clean the apartment in preparation for our guests. He even picked up the carpet cleaner from his mom’s house, moved all the furniture, then and restored our carpet from grey to white. What a guy.

I made tasty morsels too- Black Bean Salsa for dipping and cheese ball for devouring. Although, I didn’t really know that the Salsa recipe would yield a whole bushel, so if you are in need of a little snack, stop on by.

I have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile now- none of my friends (from home) have seen me pregnant yet, so its kinda fun. Also, we have Monday off. And we have Friday off because we are going to Disneyland, so its basically a three day work week stuffed in between weekends of fun. Kind of like an Oreo.

Disneyland is going to be totally epic- four days with my entire family at the happiest place on earth. I really think it is more fun as adults than it ever was when we were children. Now we can just shove the slow kids aside and run frantically from ride to ride, stuffing churros and crazy large turkey sticks in our mouths in between attractions. We have to keep a sharp eye on Mom though because if she had her way, she would set up a cot on Main Street and never leave.

Three weeks after Disneyland we are all meeting again on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. This has sort of evolved into a family tradition and this is Jazz’s first year on the trip. I am so ready to sit and relax, take in some sun, and be with my family. Although, the other night at 4 AMI realized that I can only tan my front side, since I can no longer lay on my tummy. Interesting.

I feel like the last five months have just been work, work, sleep, laundry, and work. I think we are both totally ready to have some time to just chill out and not worry about stuff. Once we are back from vacation, it will be July, and it will be baby countdown time. Throw in a couple of birthdays and BAM she will be here.

3 thoughts on “Calendarizing.

  1. Question – are pregnant ladies entitled to twice the churro consumption at Disneyland? Second question – will these be baby’s first churros?


  2. Correction: Your work week will be like an inside out Oreo.


  3. I am extremely jealous! Haha…never thought about only being able to tan your front side! Good luck. Disneyland and Hawaii in one month is just not fair! Hope you had fun with your friends this past weekend.


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