22 Weeks

Does this fetus make me look fat?

Today marks the completion of my 22nd week of this pregnancy. To celebrate, we had another OB appointment to check stuff out and for the most part, everything looks great. You know- you get there, you have to urinate in a cup (sorry mom), they weigh you, and then you talk to the doctor. As soon as our doctor came in he said, “Alright, so 9 pounds? really?”

I literally almost fell out of my stirrups.

I gained 9 pounds. In five weeks.


Do you know how long it takes to lose nine pounds? A really, really long time. Nine pounds. I just have not been able to get over that all day long. I mean, I am walking for an hour three times a week, sometimes more, I don’t think I am eating as perfect as I could so there is definitely some room for improvement there. But NINE POUNDS.

In my defense, we just had a fantabulous weekend with my girlfriends from California and all caution was thrown right into the wind. Pizza, churro bites, cheese ball, you name it. I will definitely be watching what I eat more carefully now that my doctor has gently reminded me that a “14 pound baby can only be delivered by c-section.”

Other things.

  1. My hair is too short and it can not grow fast enough. What was I thinking? It’s like what Amy says in Little Women, “Oh no, Jo–your one true beauty.”
  2. I have some how contracted The Cold of Death. I am usually proud of my healthy immune system but it has failed me this week, and if we weren’t so short handed at work I would be curled up in my bed watching Pride and Prejudice and drinking 7-up from an over sized cup.
  3. I finally feel prepared for Disneyland Weekend ’09. Outfits, sunglasses, camera case, obnoxious tennis shoes, CHECK and ready to go. I hope me and my NEW NINE POUNDS can keep up with everyone. If you see me zoom past you on a moby, you will know why.
  4. Cinnamon causes severe heartburn when consumed in mass quantities, just a heads up. Also, heartburn is not to be confused with a heart attack or a case of omg Jazz I think I am dying. There is a difference.

Upcoming blog posts: What Baby Sorensen is up to now, Leigh and Mex do the ‘Tah ’09, and Disneyland, Take Two.

6 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. Micci,Seriously, don’t worry about the weight!!! It will come off and your Dr. (especially if it is a guy) does not understand!!!!!!!:) Also, you can get a prescription for the heartburn and do it now! Don’t wait and think, Oh it will get better because it will not and it will make your trip miserable! Call your Dr’s nurse and ask for some prevacid or something along those lines. You will be such a happier camper!!!Have a blast in Disneyland. I am totally jealous and can’t wait to see the pics!


  2. Don’t fret about the 9 pounds. I had months like that…there will be good and bad dr. weight visits! Sorry that you are sick! So glad that everything looks great with the baby! I love your hair short! Why do you hate it?


  3. I love it Congrats on being 22 weeks, 9 pounds please your cute and prego and I’m sure you are going to be just fine, and you will work it off after you have the baby.


  4. i gained nine pounds in ONE WEEKEND in the ‘tah! and i love all your nine new pounds. you’re gorgeous. and i can’t wait to snuggle baby girl sorensen and all her 14 pounds!


  5. whoa whoa whoa. “churro bites?” it’s like mini mexico!


  6. As if I needed ANOTHER reason to adore you. First you are adorable. Second, you noted not one, BUT TWO of my favorite movies on earth (Little Women and Sense and Sensibility.) BONUS…you quoted my favorite quote, I talk all the time about “my one true beauty”. You are precious!


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