The Dia de Los Burritos

Burrito Bandito is like Mexican heaven.

It’s where tortillas and beans and rice go to die.

My loving sister picked up some burritos in Redding.

Froze them.

And drove them 12 hours into my hot little hands.

The deliverer.

(She will kill me for posting this. She is precious.)

The delivered.

Like a cute little burrito couple.

The deliveree.

Seriously, I can not describe the total tastiness of this burrito. It is way beyond anything available in Utah- in fact I have often thought of opening a franchise here. That is true love.

Baby’s first Bandito? Check that off the list.

*Visit for more information.

9 thoughts on “The Dia de Los Burritos

  1. Seriously? That better be one heck of a good burrito. That is some sisterly love! Hope that you enjoyed it!


  2. Killing you will be like a blessing compared to what I have in store for you for posting that picture on your blog. Sleep in fear. Love, Sab


  3. Will your sister deliver one to me???…. ;D I want one! love mexican food!


  4. hahaha! you are freaking hilarious, and pregnant, with lots of cravings! i guess i need to try one of those burros. you make them sounds like a million buckaroos.


  5. I have had these infamous burritos and they are dang good, she does not lie. Currently I REALLY miss Café Rio pulled pork smothered burrito. Sabrina – you are cute, bring me a burrito?? JK………not really….alright…you can bring me one. I like the hair Mic.


  6. That is seriously one big burrito! Hope you enjoyed it!!!


  7. You and Sabrina have officially inspired me to make gigantic burritos for dinner tonight. They won’t be Bandito-worthy, but I’m having a fat day, and this can only help. Also, cute hair!


  8. Update: I did make the burritos, and they were fabulous. Thank you for posting this blog and inspiring me to eat a 1/2 pound of beans, rice, chicken, etc.


  9. Sounds good. I love mexican food…I think you should open one. I’d buy your burritos


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