Bump Watch ’09

Please excuse the quality of the picture. Jazz (bless him) has not yet completed the Guide to Sumsion Photography 101, and he lacks some necessary skills to take a flattering shot of me. Plus he has this habit of taking 12 pictures before I am actually ready, causing fire to explode from my ears.

I took this shot in my skinny mirror in our spare bedroom right after Stake Conference on Saturday night. My talk went very well (thanks everyone for asking!) and I actually wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Elder Christopherson from the Quorum of the Twelve is in our stake- he spoke on Sunday and Jazz and I got to meet him. It was a great weekend.

This is me and the baby at almost 18 weeks. I haven’t felt her move yet (at least not that I know of), hopefully in the next couple weeks she will start exercising her ballet legs on my abdomen.

Look at me go- posting twice in two days. Bring on that second trimester energy!

7 thoughts on “Bump Watch ’09

  1. Yeah! You know I’ve been waiting for this post. The bump is so cute!I can’t believe you’re saying speaking in Stake Conference wasn’t that bad! Yikes. I don’t know what’s worse–acutally speaking or hearing you say you weren’t that nervous.P.S. Do you ever browse KSL for homes? I just discovered the beauty that is KSL homes, today.P.P.S. Have you dug through the PB cribs at Downeast? They’re as good as new and half the cost? I just remember you saying you liked those ones.


  2. I love it, way to cute. Well mommy it looks like you are doing very well.


  3. this post makes me happy. thanks for showing us finally!!! xoxo.


  4. hurray for baby bump pics! LOVE IT! You look so cute!


  5. So so cute! Looks like you found something cute to wear! I am so glad that your talk went well! Before you know it you will be asking her to stop kicking you so you might get a few hours of sleep!I think the picture thing is a boy thing. Garrett is not good either. Maybe they can take classes together! 🙂


  6. So love you & can't wait until our next meeting.


  7. Micci,You look to tiny! I can’t believe you are almost 1/2 way done! Congratulations!!! I really like the name Charlotte as well. It is classic, not used on every little girl and just beautiful! Good choice if you go that route.:)


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