19 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Look at how much you have grown in just a few short weeks! This morning your dad and I went to the imaging center to see your big debut via ultrasound. You gave us quite the show! You wiggled and waved, moved around, and at one point your put your hand in your mouth. Your dad almost fell off of his chair, he thought it was so adorable, and I think you have already succeeded in wrapping him right around your 2 millimeter finger.

After the tech confirmed that you are indeed a lady baby, we looked at the four chambers of your heart, just pumping away, and your kidneys, brain, spinal cord, femurs, and your cute little button nose. So far you look perfect in every way and are measuring right on track.

You are weighing in just over 8 ounces, getting closer to a pound! You are a little over 6 inches long and can be compared to a delicious mango. Well, your size anyway. Your kidneys are already functioning to get rid of waste in your teeny little body. Some research suggests that you can hear and recognize my voice now. Helloooo can you hear me in there?

Baby, this week I have started picking out cribs and bedding and strollers and all kind of stuff you are going to need. This part is going to be really fun for me because I love to shop and decorate and nest. Your father is worried that I am going to shop too much and we will end up a little bit homeless. Please don’t listen to him when he says things like that, he is just being silly.

Also baby, Mother’s Day is coming up next Sunday. It’s weird this year because I kind of count- I mean, you aren’t born yet but that’s ok, right? I can’t wait for all of the macaroni necklaces and finger painted portraits and handmade cards you are going to bust out over the next few years. I can tell you will be crafty like your grandma.

Yesterday for some reason I forgot I was pregnant and I ate two ginormous meals for lunch and dinner. Oh, I was so regretful and barfy feeling. I wanted with all of my heart to get that food back out because there was NO SPACE ANYWHERE FOR IT TO GO. Alas, I had to painfully wait for it to digest. Now I know better, I have learned my lesson, and I won’t try to squish you with my food.

Baby, here you are doing some baby yoga with your foot up by your head. Where did you learn that? Certainly not from me.

And here is a shot of your tiny little footprint. This is important because think of all the shoes we can share! Well, not yet, but eventually. You know what I mean.

Well baby you continue to impress us with your growing and moving and cuteness. I can’t tell you how excited we are to welcome you into our little family- your dad and I think that you are already just perfect. Someday these little letters will stop and instead I will just talk to you while you are in my arms. Can’t wait.



6 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. That’s my wife and daughter! Love you Both!


  2. So cute! I love your letters to her. One day when she is prego with her first child she will loves to read these! I can’t wait to see all the stuff you have picked out!


  3. I want to see the crib and bedding you pick out… 🙂


  4. yea! ultrasounds are so much fun! It makes things so real. I agree that these are going to be fun for her to read later and you to remember how much fun pregancy was!


  5. i can never make anything out of those ultrasound pics. i can definitely see the baby’s profile though and it’s SO CUTE! Yea for Ms. Sorenson to be.


  6. I can’t believe you are 20ish weeks already! Congrats on making it halfway. I hope you’re loving it, because now that I’m not pregnant reading your blog makes me miss the fun/exciting/painful/heartburny world of pregnancy.


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