Ode to my pants

Ok now that I am getting on the chunk side I went ahead and supplemented my wardrobe with the addition of maternity pants. Let me tell you what, these things are FANTASTIC. I do not know why they don’t make these for regular people, because holy hell baskets they are so comfortable.

Its like wearing perfectly normal jeans with built in Spanx, no waistband, just stretchy and ready to accommodate your large lunch.

My mom was visiting last weekend and she said, “So, you wanna go shopping for maternity pants?” And I replied, “Ummm all the pants I have been wearing this week have been maternity pants.” She could not believe how cute and normal looking they all were- apparently pregnant women only wore large potato sacks during the 80’s.

Seriously though, how am I ever going to go back to “normal” pants after this? I feel like I am wearing sweatpants to work, just disguised as denim and black trouser pants. Don’t tell any of my co workers.

Do yourself a favor and go get yourself a pair. Immediately. Like right now. Go.

4 thoughts on “Ode to my pants

  1. Micci-try the Pea in the Pod ones. THey are a bit $ but soooo worth it when you actually do start to get bigger. Also they have some cute maternity stuff. Check it out at the Gateway! I totally agree though about maternity jeans. They are great and I am still wearing them!!!:) Congratulations!!!


  2. Glad you find some cute pants! Did you get the ones with the whole panel? Can we please see pics of you in those must have pants?


  3. I am glad the styles have changed!!! woot woot!


  4. They do get old by the end of pregnancy, I'm sad to say. I would definitely recommend a pair of cute maternity yoga pants that you can wear at nine months pregnant while still being comfy. You'll thank me!I recommend anything by Liz Lange:http://www.target.com/Liz-Lange-Target-Long-Pants/dp/B001EOWRDY/qid=1240255615/ref=br_1_1/179-5979481-5663946?ie=UTF8&node=379043011&frombrowse=1&rh=tgt_1%3APants&page=1


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