Blog Etiquette

So, quick question.

I’ve always wondered- when people ask you questions through a comment on your blog post, is it appropriate to answer their question with another comment? Or do you go to THEIR blog and leave a comment with the answer to their question on one of their posts? What if they don’t have a blog? Will they come back and actually check to see if their question is answered?

I mean, I don’t think there is a book about blog etiquette. Yet.

What’s a girl to do?

6 thoughts on “Blog Etiquette

  1. There are many things I could ask about “blog etiquette”, I feel like I need a class. tee hee.but in reading others blogs it appears that they answer questions right under where they were asked so you have to come back and look. (if you can find them again that is)You have to refer back to my blog about psyanky to read a reference to my Auntie June addressed to you.


  2. i think it’s easiest to just keep the dialogue going on the blog where the question was asked. but gosh that’s confusing. and who is really going to go back and check? not sure if i would unless i really cared. a lot.


  3. Same post. That way it’s like a conversation. Simple.


  4. I kind of agree with what they said..on your blog same post. Kind of like a conversation. Sometime it will answer more than 1 persons questions! I have always wondered the same thing! I suck at answering blog questions! Easter pictures?


  5. I think that is a very good question! I also think if you could write a blog book you could make millions!:) What a great idea!!!


  6. I disagree. I click on the name and send an email response. I don’t ever go back and check old blogs or old comments for updates. So… if you’ve answered a question I have asked on your blog, I never got the answer.


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