15 Weeks

Dear Baby,

You are a girl baby! Well, we think you are a girl. We are getting a second opinion on that in just a few more weeks, but for now we will just go with it. Also I am going to stop calling you “fetus” now since you look more like a baby and well, my mom said it is really “crass.”

This week you are growing even more-you are about 4 inches long and you weigh in at a whopping 3 ounces- about the size of a naval orange! You can now move all of your joints and limbs, and you can sense light coming from the outside world. Your eyes and ears are moving to their proper place and you are starting to move amniotic fluid around your digestive track. How do you like pizza? Orange Juice? Bananas? Does it taste good in fluid form? I bet it is delicious.

Baby- the other day your Grandma and I did a little baby shopping. I think you are really going to like what we have picked out for you! If you could just let me know what your favorite color is, we will start working on the nursery. Kick once for pink, twice for purple.

Your dad came home with a surprise the other day- your very own fetal doppler! I think he is just a bit nervous still and it makes him (and me) feel better when we can just listen to your heartbeat whenever we want. You are doing a great job beating that little heart of yours. Just so you know, since you will probably eventually read this on the outside of the womb, your dad is so excited for you to come. He likes looking at cribs and bedding and fluffy girl stuff as much as I do. You are really going to love him a lot.

Ok baby, in the words of my BFF Will Ferrell- “keep on…keep on truckin.” Next week- circulatory system! yeah!



3 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. Micci, you always make your blogs so fun to read. The girls and I at work read your blog (sorry if that is creepy). You just make it so fun! Jazz is lucky to have such a cute wife!!!


  2. I’m excited for you guys!


  3. Cute post! Lucky that you got a fetal doppler! I think next time I am going to get one! Can’t wait to see what you have got for that cute little girl! Your little girl is going to have Jazz wrapped around her finger!


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