I realized that I have not posted any real pictures of anything fun for awhile now. There are a number of reasons why this has happened. One-It is difficult to take my new camera everywhere with me… Also, I do not enjoy being photographed with this extra chunkiness…And lastly, I don’t think you want pictures of me doing laundry and Jazzy fixing computers and unloading the dishwasher. We just haven’t been out in awhile to do something, you know, fancy.

So the highlights of our weekend consisted of running errands, getting stuff done, and cleaning. Once you get married BAM the boring stuff becomes more necessary and you actually have fun doing it together. We had an appointment Saturday morning, then we went to the Gateway for awhile. I am in desperate need of a fierce church outfit for this weekend because *cough* I am speaking in Stake Conference. (death.) We browsed Pea in a Pod and some other stores, but I didn’t really find anything super adorable.

Perhaps the best part of this day (besides the absolutely perfect weather) was eating at the new restaurant The Counter. It’s a modern burger place- basically you get this piece of paper and you check off everything delicious that you would like on your burger.- create your own adventure sort of meal. I had fresh pineapple, bacon, cheese, and tangy bbq sauce on mine, while Jazz went for a more random approach with cheese, mushrooms, honey mustard, and a fried egg. Those of you who know Jazz know that he will eat anything on a hamburger. Seriously, anything. It was a good burger for sure, but be prepared to spend $30 bucks on two burgers, fries and a drink.

I also braved the storage room and switched out all of our winter crap for happy bright spring crap. It was pretty successful, except I am missing one of my favorite flops. The flip made the move, but the flop is MIA.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m Ron Burgundy?

3 thoughts on “4/20/09

  1. Stake conference…gulp. Tell me how it goes. Miss and love you tons!!! This is RachNot the Sean


  2. Woah…Stake Conference? Scary! But I’m sure you will do GREAT.I love getting things done. I find happiness in lists and an organized life. And that burger place?? Sounds fun! I love fun, unique places to eat.Hope you are feeling good. Do you have a baby bump yet??? Post a pic!


  3. I am still SO mad that we won’t be there on Saturday! You will do awesome. You might have to give us a special talk when we get back. Maybe we will have to try out that burger place.You think that you do boring stuff now…it only gets worse once the little one arrives. Then you do all the fun stuff with all three of you…in and out of the car 187 times in a day is a lot of fuN!


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