Monday Randoms

I just googled “random” on google images and a picture of Chuck Norris came up. Yeah, that’s about right.

Kinda of a random blog today. I guess the only thing these topics have in common is that all of them have been on my mind recently, that’s a theme, right? Individually they don’t constitute a whole post, but together they bond together like Transformers to make one superblog.

1. I was just at my favorite lunch spot, The Soup Kitchen, to pick up clam chowder and a grilled cheese sammy. Whilst (its a word) I waited for my order to finish, I was not-so-discreetly people watching. This is a skill I acquired while bonding with a few friends (aka Brianne, Kaysen, and Sashelle) sitting in Kaysen’s Jetta in the senior lot at EHS. I really feel like I have perfected it over the years..anyway- Across from me were two women- clearly born and raised here in Zion, tall hair, trendy jeans- and their husbands. They were all chatting about carpool and NCAA games and the cheesy breadsticks– and none of them seemed to realize THAT THEY SHOULD ALL BE AT WORK.

How do four adults have the luxury of dining out–at 2 in the afternoon- on a MONDAY. Whatever job they have, I would like it.

2. I have been warned before about the appearance of Fake Spring in Utah, but today I actually witnessed it firsthand. Beautiful and sunny all weekend long- warm enough for me to wear a t-shirt and be perfectly comfortable. This morning? 6 inches of fresh powder on my doorstep. NOT COOL. I’m over it.

3. I miss Diet Pepsi. Breaking up was so difficult…it has been almost five months since I have so much had a sip of DP. Sometimes I just want to get a fountain drink, fill it with ice and soda, and then just inhale the fizzies that jump off the top of the drink. Is that weird? Would it be worth the massive migraine just to drink 32-ounces of heaven?

4. I am in love with my Snoogle.

That’s me, by the way. I wear color coordinated pajamas to bed and I requested a feather mullet at my last hair appointment. No, but seriously this is the most amazing pillow ever. I use mine the opposite way, so the long part of the pillow is in the front instead of the back. How did I ever sleep without this thing?

5. I am sorry that you aren’t married to my husband because he is the best, and no I will not share. He trudged out into the cold this morning to shovel our stairs and walkway- and to brush off my car. He even backed it in so I didn’t have to walk around the back of the car to get in my door. He is the most thoughtful, helpful man I have ever met. He is constantly making sure I am comfortable, or full, (full time job) or the laundry is clean, or the dishes are unloaded. I am one luckly gal.

That’s all I guess. Now the words on the page are going to come to life and merge together to form Optimus Prime who will then battle the evil Megatron for Blog Kingdom! Ok sorry I’m done.

7 thoughts on “Monday Randoms

  1. I’m pretty cool with everything about this post…except the snoogle. As a man, I want to be able to have the ability to snuggle with my wife whenever. I don’t know how Jazz can be ok with all of his snuggle time being taken up by something that looks like it should belong on the set of the TeleTubby’s. Honestly. What has the world come to? I’m appalled, dismayed, and saddened for Jazz all at the same time. I feel your pain…


  2. OK, I have been wondering what this snoogle thing is all about. I got it mixed up with a “snuggie.” I was going to say… really have a snuggie. Anyways, looks comfy!


  3. That snoogle is something else! It’s weird to think it could be so amazing, but I’ll take your word for it.How’s preggo Micci? I want to see the bump.


  4. That snoogle looks amazing! Might have to invest in one for the next pregnancy. The hair is hot! 🙂 Jazz is a good man! Today was a classic “Spring” day in Utah. Glad you had a good people watching day. I could people watch all day long!


  5. I’ve heard rave reviews about the Snoogle. Tyler Johansen can eat it and learn to deal with losing snuggle time when his wife is pregnant. I’m jealous that you are probably still able to sleep in about whatever position you like, but you can be jealous that my due date is only FOUR DAYS AWAY, although the baby doesn’t seem to be too anxious to meet that deadline.


  6. I don’t know why I should be feeling the wrath of Sarah. I was just explaining the ridiculousness of it from a guy’s point of view. Granted, I’m not a pregnant woman, nor will I ever be, so I can’t tell you that you don’t enjoy it. Stop the hating on me for voicing my opinion. I’ll give you leeway this time, just because you are pregnant woman about to deliver. Good day to you!


  7. Alright Tyler, I wasn’t going to say anything…I mean, can I really comment on my own blog?BUT.Trust me. When your wife has to get up 3-4 times a night to pee, she can’t get comfortable, and she needs some support because her HIPS are UNHINGING and moving apart….You will be grateful for the snoogle. And I put the pillow in front of me, so there is still plenty of snuggle area open for a cuddle friendly husband.


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