Week 13

Every time I write a weekly baby post I think, “Ok, enough, don’t do this every week. No one wants to read when the baby gets eyelashes.” And then the next week comes around and its like, but wait, this week is really important- vocal chords are growing and the brain is fully formed!

So you will just have to suffer. Today the fetus is 13 weeks 3 days and is almost three inches long. Three inches! The size of a peach! The baby’s hair follicles are forming, as well as tooth buds. The better to bite you with, my dear.

This morning we had my 2nd doctor’s appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat. Man, that baby’s heart is running a race- at 155 beats per minute. Old Wives Tale says that due to the high heart rate- this baby is a girl. We will see in about five weeks.

I am feeling even better than last week- I don’t have to eat as frequently anymore and I’m feeling pretty good in the mornings. My favorite food is still orange juice and the most current craving is hot dogs. Don’t worry, I nuked them until they were shriveling little sticks of beef. Heaven.

This morning’s appointment made it a little more real to me- I mean, I am walking around with a baby inside me! Hello, that is a big deal. I guess we should start thinking about all of the baby stuff we need to buy- crib, car seat, clothes, diapers, bottles, swing, on and on and on. This baby is going to have more stuff than me! ok so that isn’t possible, but it will probably come close.

2 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. So exciting! Hot Dog on a stick has the best hot dogs! I can’t wait for you to find out what it is! Babies have more stuff than you can ever imagine!




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