4:30 in the Afternoon

Every day at 4:30 when I get off of work, I get in my car and start to drive home. Once I hit 1300 East, I call home to talk to my mom. This has become sort of a ritual for the two of us, she expects my call now and wonders where I am if she doesn’t hear from me. Once in awhile the phone is busy and I think of the audacity of whoever is calling her during my time slot.

She talks about her sewing projects, I vent about work, and we discuss fetus related topics. Sometimes we cry about missing Fluffs. Sometimes we laugh about funny internet videos. Sometimes we gab over the current TV show dramas. Honestly, it is one of my favorite times of my day.

By the time I have stopped to get groceries and made it home, we are all caught up- until the next day. Today she was telling me that she had read my latest blog and asked me what we had named the cat in the barn. We have a thing with naming our farm animal neighbors, see here.

Mom told me that she thinks the cat’s name is Tom because THE CAT CALLED HER ON THE TELEPHONE AND TOLD HER TO TELL ME THAT ITS NAME WAS TOM. Um, yeah ok Mom sounds good maybe lay off the fabric softener for awhile.

I told her that I would be promptly blogging about her fake phone call from the stray cat next door and she replied:

“Don’t you dare blog about this! I’m going to threaten you with your life! Now, you be kind to your web footed friend! Oh that’s it I’m not going to call you tomorrow!! Ok fine, bye”

Isn’t she the most fun. So now, what are we going to name this cat?

*The poll wil be running for 7 days. Vote for your favorite!

*UPDATE* Mom read the blog and said the following, “I’m going to make you pay!! Honey, you can’t just put what I say on the internet, you don’t have my permission. I might sue you!!”

10 thoughts on “4:30 in the Afternoon

  1. I love Cindy and definitely agree. His name is Tom. Perfectly fitting. This made me LOL. 🙂


  2. I heart your mom. I really do love her. Ever since Christmas, I’ve really felt that if I could just become Buddhist or Hindu or something, I could somehow be soulmates with the Sumsions (I realize my religions are a little fuzzy there. Anyway. Whatever I need to be, somewhere in our the universe I was a Sumsion.) X’s and O’s from Bethany Willard O’Neil (Sumsion)


  3. Micci-I wanted to let you know that the cake was made by my little sisters friend. The outside was soooo good, it was like a marshmallow fondent. Bye the way, I love what a great relationship you have with your mom!


  4. hi micci! kudos on the award my mom gave you on her blog. we always talk about crazy cousin cindy's clever daughter. & CONGRATS on the soon-to-be bundle! my little girl's about 2 months old & it is just too fun! it's fun keeping up on you, you were always that gorgeous big sister i never had & wanted to be like. made me jealous of sabrina. 🙂 oh & my vote goes for cindy the cat. definitely.


  5. What you are PREGO? I have not looked at anyone’s blog in weeks! I am so excited for you! AHHHH I am screaming right now. This is so exciting!


  6. Your mom really is the bomb.The cat’s name should be easy.Barney, of course!!!


  7. I am glad that you and your mom are so close! I love that she said she would sue you! Your mom sounds like such a fun person to be around.


  8. LOL! your mom sounds like a riot. You should name the cat Milo. ha ha!




  10. Yay for free speech. How’s that first amendment working out for you NOW, Cindy?! Mua ha ha ha.I vote Augustus. Your mother can’t really believe that the cat who called her was THE cat from the barn. It could have been ANY cat! It was probably local cat playing a prank on her.


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