This cat-

Next door to my house

there is a barn

with some horses

and this cat.

We went for a walk

on a chilly Saturday morning

and found this cat

surveying the land.

Maybe this cat

is Queen of the Farm.

Maybe this cat

is looking for her cat friends.

I don’t really know

But I do know

I would love to be this cat

glowing in the sunshine

just sitting in a barn.

3 thoughts on “This cat-

  1. sweet i’m the 1st commentor (is that a word?)so… i thought you used to hate cats??? now you want to be one? pregnancy is giving you crazy thoughts, woman!


  2. I love being outside and seeing all that God has put around me. Even cats. (after all I do live in a town called Los Gatos)I mention you in my “Sisterhood” blog a couple days ago. Check it out.


  3. How in the world do you come up with things like that? My mind doesn’t think that way? Is it weird that I have noticed that barn?!?


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