Photo of the Week

Look! I got my hair cut! And it is short! It doesn’t fit into a ponytail!

Don’t worry about my giant chin that is growing exponentially into a thousand more chins. Yeah, I get it, I’m pregnant and I am supposed to eat, but all this food is STICKING to me. Although, it doesn’t come as such a surprise- this is nothing new. Here is my conversation with Sabrina where I was reminded of my pre-pregnancy food habits.

Sabrina: So what kind of food are you thinking about right now?

(Keep in mind, its 9:12 AM)

Micci: Well today I am craving an Arby’s roast beef sandwich, a salad from Outback, and BBQ lays chips.

Sabrina: Yum! I just ate and you are making me crave that!

Micci: Yeah this fetus has good taste.

Sabrina: How could he/she not with the steak grilling, lobster cracking, rib attacking mother??

Micci: Good point, sister. Touche.

Thanks Sabs for pointing out my apparently passionate love affair with meat.

Now whats for lunch.

9 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. okay, i’m totally late on this, but congrats on the baby!! That’s awesome!! And just FYI I think you’re freakin’ ‘alarious!


  2. watch out! hot mama coming through! all your talk about outback has made me crave that delicious chunk of caloric love… aka a bloomin’ onion.


  3. Comment #2: I still don’t see a picture of Auntie Leigh and Tia Lorena on the fridge. I thought we discussed this.


  4. Love the new hair cut! It is very sassy! I hope that you didn’t miss the ponytail as much as I do…that is the only negative to short hair! Now I want to go to Outback! Sometime next week we should hit it up together! A bloomin’onion and strawberry lemonade are calling my name!


  5. your new screenname is Rib_Attacking_Mother


  6. ha ha ha! I love pregnant woman! they are a riot and they know how to eat FUN! No crouton and one lettuce leaf for them!!! Love the hair too. Your so beautiful!!!


  7. Mic–I love the hair on you. It’s a good change for sure. I’m a huge fan of short hair.


  8. I only see one chin, an awesome haircut and one of my favorite people!


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