10 Weeks

Dear Fetus,

Yesterday you have completed your 10th week! Congratulations on all the growth and forming body parts and stuff. You are now the size of a kumquat, and I’m not going to lie, your daddy had to look that up for me. You are over an inch long and your heart is fully formed now! Your fingers and toes are no longer webbed, unless of course you want to take after Auntie Sabrina.

Fetus, so far I think things have been pretty fair. I have provided you with this womb of mine that you can rent out for about 10 months- and in return you haven’t made me barf yet! Horray for that! Mostly you like to squish my bladder and send me running to el bano more frequently than usual. You also are very honest and tell me when you need more food like NOW right this SECOND more FOOD. Your favorites right now are potatoes, cheese, and orange juice. And apples. And pizza.

Also baby, I should warn you about my emotions lately. They are crazy. Last night I dropped my phone and it broke. That resulted in a crying fit that could only be calmed by a horse-sized shot of tranquilizer. Hopefully this will wear off with time. If not, ask your father how to deal with it- he does wonderfully.

Your dad and I are very excited to watch you grow and develop for the next 30 weeks. I hope everything is going well in there and please let me know if you need anything. We keep extra towels in the linen closet and there is cereal in the pantry. Help yourself.



6 thoughts on “10 Weeks

  1. Micci – You are just soooooo damn cute! I just want to squeeze & love you & the little fetus. Hope to see you soon. We have to change next weeks outing because Britta will be out of town. Or we can go without her. Let us know!


  2. I am bummed about dinner also. I have always wanted to go to StoneHedge! I can go this Thursday but I think BV has her kids & I'm sure she will want to spend time with them before she leaves. I can't do the 19th because I have book club. Maybe the 17th or 24th? I will send text to the others & see what they think.


  3. Make that 2 horse-sized shot of tranquilizer! Love you dear!


  4. I like this Amanda person. She leaves nice comments for my Mic.I’m not prego but just naturally have wild emotions. This one made me teary. So freakin cute. Auntie Leigh can’t wait to meet the web-toed (or maybe not) little Sorensen!


  5. So freakin’ cute! I love the wild emotions! So next time we have pizza night we should just make it a party with you!


  6. You are so cute and I’m excited for your little family. I think those web toes may have started with Aunt Joycie, and I’ve got about 100 kumquats on my two trees if you ever want to visit me to check them out. – Vicki


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