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IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN EASY PEOPLE. But, it’s okay because I honestly can not wait anymore.

Yes, we are expecting a tiny human infant sometime in September. We are so excited, and feel very blessed to have this opportunity.

We found out the same week as Jazz’s baptism. It was like call MTV because we are having the Best Week Ever!

Morgan was like, “Uh how come your blog has been so boring lately? You never post and then when you do they are just like average ones.”

Thanks Mo.

The reason why the blog has been a little, uh, lackluster lately is because all I want to blog about is going to bed at 9 pm and eating every two hours and unbuttoning the top of my pants and omg what are we going to name it.

And now I can! Jazz and I wanted to wait a while to make sure everything was going well with the pregnancy- and after seeing the doctor last week we feel pretty great. I had an ultrasound and we got to see the baby and the heart beat. Talk about a totally cool moment.

So now I am free to tell you that every single food advertised on TV looks delicious, including that fried fish basket from Long John Silver’s or whatever. And also that I can honestly sleep around the clock. ALSO that Jazz has been nothing than 100% supportive and even brings me toast in bed. He is the best. Every time I picture him holding our baby I kind of lose it a little bit. Can you blame me?

Morgan asked me if we are going to have a “weird floating fetus countdown” on our blog page. You know what Morgan? We probably will, just because we CAN.

So here’s to our little McJazzle fetus, better blog posts, and me getting fat.

16 thoughts on “3/2/09

  1. I wish I were as clever as you… McJazzle fetus… HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! You rule!


  2. i’m scared by the term “mcjazzle”


  3. Babiiiiiiieeeeesssss


  4. Okay, I too did NOT get the picture of the week post. You could say I’m a little slow.But yeah! Congrats! Are you looking forward to putting your camera to some good use in September?


  5. love it. You crack me up and I am so excited for you both! You will be the best parents ever. Oh, and I am not pregnant but I can still eat every two hours and would take naps and sleep all day if I could. Enjoy it!!


  6. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!I’m so excited for you to get to take this same journey we’re on right now. So much good and bad all wrapped into one, and ending in a NEW HUMAN BEING. Very mind-blowing.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I love Mcjazzle already. My a say not the floating fetus, but the ladies growing belly with a count down. I need to know how long I have to crochet.


  8. Live it up while you can! Eat whatever you want and sleep as much as you can cuz soon you won’t be able to do it! Preggers…not fat. There is a difference. So we are calling it McJazzle? 🙂 Jazz looks good with kids. Not the anticipation to find out what it is!


  9. Cogratulations, Micci and Jazz on your little McJazz!! So fun.Hope the pregnancy goes well. Take care. At least it’s a great excuse to have a nice little cupcake now and then…I mean you ARE eating for two now!!


  10. Hahaha McJazzel. I am pretty sure I gave him that nick name. So, everyone who thinks it weird can know that you are not to blame.


  11. oh my gosh!!! Congratulations! I am soooo excited for you both and can’t wait to hear how this all is going to go for you two. Keep us updated!!!!


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