11 Weeks

Whaaat? A blog face lift! That’s right- just in time for Spring. Well in Utah, spring won’t be here until May, but that’s ok, we can pretend. I love this picture- mostly because its one of the few photos I have of the train of my dress- plus I love the background. I confess, I miss my wedding day kind of a lot. When do we get to do that again? It was FUN.

Tuesday marked the completion of the 11th week of this pregnancy, so we are technically in week 12 now. How they count the whole thing is very confusing and I bet by the time I have 8 to 10 kids I will figure it out. My BabyCenter email told me that the baby is now a size of a fig newton. No, just kidding, he/she is the size of a regular fig, slightly less delicious than a fig newton. (Please don’t eat our baby)

All of the baby’s vital organs are formed and functioning. Fingernails and toe nails are beginning to form now, as well as teeny tiny tooth buds. The baby’s head is about the same size as the rest of its body, and if he/she takes after their daddy, their head will continue to grow to a gargantuan size.

I can definitely see differences in the way my clothes are fitting (zippers? who needs them) and I will inevitably post a baby bump picture in a few weeks when it looks more like a bump and less like a Cafe Rio salad. I’m still in that weird in-between phase where people wonder if I am pregnant or just extra chunky. Its super fun. We are nearing the end of the first trimester and I’ve noticed that I have had more energy and less thoughts about puking.

I’m not going to lie, so far I really love being pregnant. It is kind of mind blowing to picture a fig baby in my belly moving around and multiplying cells. Whenever I feel guilty for having a lazy Saturday, I remind myself that in that day I probably grew like a couple arms and some legs and worked on producing a brain. It’s exhausting.

7 thoughts on “11 Weeks

  1. I love it, yes we all start out that small it’s crazy, I’m with you I miss my wedding day and my body I had then, but when you have a baby it happens just keep up with your walking when your prego.


  2. I really hope that you are only growing TWO legs & TWO arms for this baby, anymore & it would get scary!


  3. Love the “face lift”. First you look adorable! It doesn’t look like a Cafe Rio salad! Cool that the website sends you something every week! (I never found something like that!) Good thing you have “extra” time on your hands at work! šŸ™‚


  4. Oh YAY for almost being done with the first trimester. When I got to about 15 weeks or so, I remember sitting around thinking, “Wow, I feel GREAT, and I can eat regular food again!” I would get queasy on anything that wasn’t starchy, so I spent a lot of weeks on mashed potatoes, french fries, cereals, pancakes, biscuits, etc.2nd trimester, I spent 2 straight weeks eating 3 bowls of Lucky Charms a day. That was the life, although an admittedly weird craving.


  5. You CRACK me up. My dogs are looking at me like they wonder if I have mental problems because I’m laughing out loud, all alone in my kitchen. Good work on making those limbs…you are an absolute miracle.


  6. WHAT!!!! You are pregnant! That is so so so exciting!


  7. I am excited for baby bump pictures!!! any odd cravings yet??? like garbonzo beans???


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