Sunday Catch up

So I realize it has been an abnormally long couple of days between my posts. Not going to lie, it was kind of a weird week for me. And by weird, I mostly just mean sad. Those of you who read my last post know why, and by the way thanks for saying such nice things. Fluffs was the most amazing dog in all the land and I really will miss him every single day.

I took a day off on Wednesday to get it together and to play catch up on my life. I feel constantly behind, constantly trying to get my crap together, have a clean house, laundry done, errands completed, etc. Being grown up is kind of hard sometimes! That being said, here are things that made me happy this week:

Who has two thumbs and always makes me happy? This guy.

This magazine + a bath. I love getting this in the mail.

Bloomin’ Onion, Salad, Steak. Done.

These girls.

Packages from home. Thanks, Mom and Dad

It’s always the little things that make my day, or in this case, my week. I feel more caught up now and ready to start my week tomorrow. Wait, is it Monday, already?

*Coming soon: 2009 Oscar Recap! yeah!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Catch up

  1. Glad that the rest of your week got better! We didn’t know that you were Outback fans!?! We need to go together soon! Being a grown up is really hard. It is even harder to get things done once you have a child! 🙂


  2. so glad you have jazzy and an amazing family to lift your spirits!


  3. Oh my goodness how have you been it’s been way to long you look so happy and your wedding was WOW. I’m sure you are who is this crazy lady e-mail on my Blog it’s me JOLENE, used to be Jolene Mullen now it’s Jolene Camp, WOW I never knew I would see so many people I used to know and find out how our life’s turned out WOW. I hope we can keep in touch “Scrumpion.” WOW I so tried I’m off to bed.


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