Post 09 Oscars

So basically I love the Academy Awards, I look forward to them every year. They are the last big shebang of the awards season and they are always the most glitzy and dramatic of all the award shows. (SAG’s? Who cares. BAFTA’s? What does that even stand for?)

This year Jazz and I had set the Tivo and were getting ready to watch the pre- show when he presented me with a crisp piece of paper. On it was a list of all the major awards and their nominees- basically you pick who you think is going to win each category, and you are awarded points when you are correct. Whoever has the most points after the telecast wins. I LOVE GAMES! and I LOVE WINNING. We made our choices and watched the show.

My highlights:

  • Hugh Jackman was totally bril (as my friend Adrienne would say). He was the perfect combo of charming and goofy and classy and Australian, plus he did some song and dance numbers! I mean, could we ask for more?
  • I loved the throwback to old Hollywood. I felt the whole show had a very 50’s vibe to it. Remember a few years ago? When they had “special” presentations from different parts of the theater? Like when the dorks that did the special effects won, they didn’t ACTUALLY get to go to the front of the stage? They just stood up in some random walkway and gave a little thank you blurb. Awkward. Thank goodness the producers came to their senses did away with that utter nonsense.
  • Ben Stiller’s guest appearance as rapper Joaquin Pheonix. Loved loved loved it.
  • The other performers did a fine job- Beyonce and her thighs rocked that weird corset costume, and I had totally forgotten that Queen Latifah could sing. Note to self: watch fewer weight loss commercials and more E! True Hollywood Story.

  • Sophie Loren needs to retire from being alive. I get that she is an icon, she is a legend, but good goldilocks she looked awful. Really? Did you borrow that dress from 80’s Barbie? Who Sharpie’d on those crazy eyebrows??

  • Also a highlight for me- the Mastercard commercial about the lost dog. So adorable, I think we rewound it a few times so I could see it again. Find it online and watch it- but not without tissues. I’m thinking of switching over from Visa…
  • As far as the winners go: I didn’t expect Penelope to pull it off, and I forgot how Spanish she really is. Me gusta! I was thrilled for Kate Winslet, as she has been nominated a gigoogly amount of times and this is her first win. Yay for Slumdog, but a little sad that it seemed to sweep EVERYTHING. Spread the Oscar love around a little, you know what I mean?

At the end of the show, Jazz and I tallied up our points. I proudly announced my guaranteed winning score, and he announced that he had beaten me by a full point. WHAT??? I should have ROCKED his score! Stupid foreign films. Rematch next year for sure.

7 thoughts on “Post 09 Oscars

  1. Very funny Micci! I didn’t actually watch the Oscars this year but your blog inspired me to find some videos on YouTube and WOW they were really good/funny!


  2. Right on about Sophie. She has fought the good fight, now give up. Love you guys!


  3. Loved this one. Sophia, oh dear Spohia…train wreck. Honey, take that tape out of your hairline that’s holding up your face, go home and take a rest. You’ve had a good life.


  4. I have been waiting & waiting for this post!! I loved the “musicals are back”. I admit I like Mama Mia & Hairspray & Grease & well you get the picture. Have a great day. See ya at StoneHedge


  5. Didn’t get to watch it, but have seen some highlights. You got it right on about Sophia…she looked horrible! I want to see the Beyonce performance now…I can’t believe that Jazz beat you! Better luck next year!


  6. Micci,Once again you nailed it all! I appreciate all your comments and agree 100%~also, thanks for the giggle!:)


  7. I hadn’t seen the ‘visual’ of Sophia Loren. All the confirmation I need of how people fall into the trap of feeling pressured to project a certain image. Too bad Sophia didn’t get the memo about aging gracefully!!!!!


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