Until we meet again…

To my little Fluffs,

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there today to scratch you and love you and tell you that everything would be okay. I’m sorry that you were so sick and diseased and in so much pain. I’m sorry that your body was shutting down and you could no longer function on your own.

I love you so much, I think you know that. You and I were the best of friends- we swapped secrets and shared a room, cuddled at night and went on walks together. You loved to go to the preserve around the corner from our house and bark at the ducks and find dead things to sniff. You loved to hop into flower pots and pretend that they were your own personal throne. You loved dressing up in clothes and wearing sweaters in the winter- you were quite the fashion dog and had many outfits to parade around in.

You loved to be the center of attention and loved spending time with the family. You loved to bite and eat your favorite little brown toy- and actually ripped an arm off on accident. Mom sewed it back on for you.

You loved to take rides in the car and I think your favorite trip was to Monterey Bay to see Gilroy the Great White. You loved cheese and all types of meat but hated popcorn and tomatoes (me too!).

I am sad that you won’t be there the next time I come home. You won’t hide under the bed waiting for me, and you won’t lick my feet when I get out of the shower. You won’t bark at the front door or the mail man or the squirrels in the backyard.

I’m going to miss you a lot. I’m going to miss your soft fur and your silly little prance and that happy face of yours. I’m going to miss your floppy ears and your bouncy tail and your one white paw. The house will be a little more quiet without you.

I’m grateful that mom was able to make the decision and was brave enough to get you the medical help that you needed. I hope now you can be with your brother Zeus and play to your little heart’s content.

Thank you for being around when I needed you, for being a constant source of comfort and companionship. I still find your little doggy hairs on my clothes sometimes and I love that even now you are still with me.

Until we meet again-



11 thoughts on “Until we meet again…

  1. ohh, I’m sorry Micci. I remember him; he was like a part of you even though he was a whole two states away! This is a sweet letter.


  2. I miss you too Fluffs. Home won’t be the same without you. And you can’t vomit on me anymore. I don’t think you can vomit in doggy heaven, so. Love you, little dog.


  3. Ohhhh. Sad, sad day. I’m sorry to hear the news. You two were tight. I remember all of the times you would talk about him. Heck, he was part of the fam.I hope you’re okay.


  4. I am so sorry! That is so sad. Do you need ice cream or something to make you feel better? Losing a dog is like losing a family member.


  5. Oh Mic, This totally made me cry. I am so sorry. I loved reading your little letter all about Fluffs. xoxo


  6. I lost my Sunday dog last year in October. My dog lived with my parents too, but I loved her so much. I’m sure your Fluffs is running in puppy heaven with my Sunday.


  7. that is the saddest thing i’ve ever read! R.I.P Mr. fluffs!


  8. I’m so sorry Micci, I know how much he meant to you. He had one amazing life with the best family a little dog could ask for. RIP Fluffers.


  9. Your tribute to Fluffy brought me back to the home and love that is shown for all there. What a lucky dog.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


  11. I just wanted to add my condolences on top of those already added. I too was really sad to learn that Fluffy had died. I had learned to love his little big dog syndrome, and how he was always there to greet me whenever I dropped on bye. All dogs go to heaven… RIP


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