You are probably aware that Saturday was Valentine’s Day. Most people venture out into the world of restaurants for a delicious meal and a nice dining experience. We are not among those people. Having worked many Valentine’s Days serving 2-top after 2-top, I know how hectic and crazy it gets- a line out the door for hours on end just doesn’t appeal to me.

For our first Valentine’s Day together, we went to Bajio and watched rented movies and had our first kiss. Last year, Jazz came down to Provo and we spent the evening at my apartment. This year we knew we wanted to hit up Bajio again and kind of make it a tradition- plus, there is never a wait. The Shrimp Tacos are seriously so delightful, I can not describe to you the perfection of marrying mango salsa with honey glazed shrimp and fresh rolled tortillas. Like candy, but it counts as dinner.

Anyway, this year I planned to break out our new fondue set that we received as a wedding gift. I had been saving it for something special, and I thought this would be the perfect night. It’s a super nice one- electric, 8 different color coded fondue fork things, big ol’ pot for tons of dipping. I googled recipes for chocolate fondue, and found tons of great tips and ideas for making delicious chocolate.

These are all the dippers I had ready- let me tell you- the Krispy Kreme donut holes were so AMAZINGLICIOUS. Never underestimate the power of a delicious ball of fried, glazed cake.

However, this is where everything went horribly, horribly wrong. Despite my extensive research, my chocolate recipe turned out, well, disgusting. It called for semi-sweet chocolate chips, heavy cream, and some vanilla. Harmless, right? Well, it tasted kind of like burnt dirt. Jazz was so polite and managed a smile while eating an asphalt flavored banana. I felt like a giant fondue failure. How could this be difficult? Just put stuff in the pot and stir! (Why did I not call Chef Morgan on a consult??)

Jazz donned his superhero cape and ran to the store for REGULAR BARS OF CHOCOLATE. Whoever decided that semi-sweet chocolate should be used in a fondue recipe obviously has taste buds equivalent to that of a frog. I cleaned out the pot, reset the table, and then we did Fondue: Take Two.

And it worked. It was delicious. I wouldn’t say it was Melting Pot quality, but holy hellbaskets it was a close substitution.

“Hello, this is Dan McDaniels- News Anchor here at your local station LUV2. Don’t you just love my chocolate toupee?” Jazz didn’t feel too guilty biting him right in half.

5 thoughts on “Fundue

  1. Hellbaskets? Love it. You crack me up!


  2. holy hellbaskets… that’s my new favorite word(s). HA! Love it!Amen on the Valentine’s crowds. Who needs ’em?! We grabbed a heart shaped Papa Murphey’s pizza. It was lovely. 😉


  3. i too have ruined fondu. i guess that’s why melting pot charges an arm and a leg… because it’s harder than we think! glad superhero jazz got new chocolate and it turned out well. love u.


  4. I also have a secret addiction for glazed donut holes. The are so small and innocent. 5 donut holes and a Diet Pepsi – breakfast of champions. Move over Wheaties! Good thing I quit my job so I no longer stop EVERY morning at Winchells. It certainly wasn’t doing anything for my waistline at the time.


  5. You kill me. I love the idea of asphalt flavored bananas! You need to talk to Shell as she worked at hte melting Pot and I’m sure has all kinds of great recipes! Glad it worked out!!


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