Photo of the Week

If you know my mom, you know she likes chocolate.

Not likes, loves.

She is the one that taught me to have a secret candy cupboard in my kitchen.

She is the reason why I have treats in my church bag.

She showed me how to keep refreshments on hand, just in case someone stopped by.

We just got a package in the mail from her- filled with treats and valentines and love.

Thanks, Mom.

12 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. Oh how i love Cindy! Best Mother-in-law a boy could ask for! And how I love that my wife learned all these wonderful things from her!~


  2. That is exactly my mom too. I love it. And now I am the same way! I just wish I didn’t like sugar and chocolate so much…I blame it all on her! :). Just kidding. Isn’t it the best having such a great mom?


  3. Your mom is very sweet!! Are you coming tomorrow. I hope so because I have a prize for you!!!!


  4. cindy. candy.hmmmmm. just one letter different.


  5. That is a great photo. Where dat at?


  6. Rach- that was at Monterey Bay last year during Christmastime, when we took Jazz and Fluffs to San Fran. It was awesome.


  7. Awe craps! Where was I? Was this the same trip where Fluffs vomited on MO. Missed out. Big time.


  8. Your mom sends valentine treats to her adult children too! Okay, she has got to be awesome! ..and that’s a great idea to have treats ready in case guests stopped by – I need to adopt that tradition, however I will need to hide them from myself so I don’t eat them all, I am also a big chocolate/candy lover.


  9. Um how come you never respond to me when i ask a question? NOT FAIR. I guess Rach is related to you but still… just jealous over here. I love Cindy. She’s the best!


  10. That is an awesome pic of your mom! Those are some great things she taught you! We should swap treats at church. Garrett can’t make it without them.


  11. Great pic! Your Mom rocks!! How is one woman who has FIVE CHILDREN (including twins) and a love affair with chocolate remain so tiny?!?


  12. LOL your mom rocks! LMAO treats in your church bag classic!


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