2 Years Later

Dear Jazzy,

Two years ago today I was getting ready for our very first date. I was really nervous, so I compulsively cleaned the whole apartment top to bottom before you came to pick me up, just so it was sparkly for the five minutes you came inside.

I think it took me longer to get ready for this date than it did for me to get ready for our wedding day. I had picked out a new shirt from my favorite store, and wore my fancy jeans- deciding on shoes was the hardest part. I was ready probably 40 minutes before you arrived.

When you rang the door bell, I ran into the back room so it would appear like I wasn’t quite ready yet. Kenady answered the door, and you came in looking all adorable and smiley. You met my roommates and my sister and then you gave me purple flowers. I think you knew that my favorite color was purple. I had the same type of flowers put into my wedding bouquet just to remind me of the first time we met.

You took me to Ottavio’s on Center Street. You were such a gentleman and opened all of my doors. We sat in the back at a small little table for two. You ordered spicy sausage that was way too hot for you to eat with your poor little tonsils, so I shared my pasta with you. Secretly, you saved the top of that to-go box that I doodled on.

After Ottavios, we went for a drive. We headed up to Bridal View Falls, past Heber and Park City, and soon found ourselves in Salt Lake. We talked about our families and our college experiences, swapped our worst date stories, and discussed our favorite things. When you stopped to get gas, I went in to use the bathroom but really I called my sisters to tell them how much I liked you.

We arrived back in Provo and it was getting late, but I invited you in to watch a movie. My roommates had wisely left the living area clean and empty, and we put on in a DVD. What to watch?! agh! the pressure! I put Talledega Nights in because I truly believe that you can not go wrong with Mr. William Ferrell. About half way through the movie, you made a move for my hand. I let you take it.

When the movie ended, it was even later than before. I walked you out to your car, which had been booted.

So we called the Stupid Provo Parking Authorities and while we waited for them to come, we sat on the concrete sidewalk and stayed warm in the blankets that my mom made. They came and released the boot on your car, and we said goodnight.

I wanted you to kiss me, but I’m so glad that you didn’t.

It was the perfect first date.

Now, two years later, we are married and I get all the kisses that I want. You are my best friend and I am so glad you came into my life.



12 thoughts on “2 Years Later

  1. Awww. Jazzy is a sweetheart, and you two make the perfect little couple. I remember when I first heard about this stranger from SLC that Mic was pretty into.Sometimes I wish I could go back to when me and J were dating. I loved falling head over heels for him. It was such a sweet time.Then reality hits… I’m married to this guy, and I get him every single day. NO, I don’t want to go back to dating. Silly me.


  2. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing. You are awesome! Go Jazz! Way to hold off on the kissing. Such a gentleman!


  3. Aww, I couldn’t say it any better! I love you my wife, and these 2 years have been so great! I’m so happy to have married my best friend and that we get to spend everything single day together! Love You!


  4. Super sweet, almost makes me want to start dating. But only Almost.


  5. so so cute! Love the note!


  6. Aren’t first dates the best??? You dont want the night to end. And it gets even more better when they call/text you the next day and want to see you again!! 😀 I loved your little note!!! Your great!


  7. Awww…so cute! The boot on the car is the classic story of Provo apartments! You guys are perfect for each other! I love reading your posts!


  8. Hey Micci,I found you through Michelle and Scott. You are such a fun writer and maybe I’ll learn all sorts of things from you.It’ll be fun getting to know you through your posts.Congratson finding your perfect match.Vicki (Joyce Kelly) Hodgman


  9. Truly awesome and so inspirational! I’m so thankful that you two met and have fallen in love!


  10. You need to write books! You have made me crymore often then I would like to admit!


  11. Crying. Right here. Not once but twice tonight. Yes, your blog does it to me every time. Oh how I love you, Micci!!


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