Dear Grey’s Anatomy,

What is the deal? Just as you started getting back on track, you totally disappointed me last night. You are clearly my favorite television show, but lately I have been more excited for 30 Rock and American Idol. What gives?

I appreciate the idea of a cross over show with Private Practice, really I do. But you advertised it for like a month and then last night THERE WAS NO CROSSOVER. I even fought my early bed time to keep my eyes open for another hour just to see McDreamy in LA or whatever. THEN after that you said “Haha, SIKE, it is actually NEXT WEEK that we are having this amazing never been done before 2 hour miracle event show.”


Let me discuss your story lines a little bit.

  1. Derek and dark and twisty Meredith. I’m already tired of this proposal thing. Just do it already. Roses in the room? Lame, been done. Meredith, I swear if you get all dramatic and think Shepherd is getting all weird and now you are finding strange rose petals in your bed– and decide that maybe he isn’t the one for you– I will hunt you down and murder you. Stop it now.
  2. The angry doctor and Dr. Yang. Really Cristina? Really? The guy that stands you up and then shows you his ugly cry face? That guy? You can totally do better. Plus, he looks too much like an older Spencer from the Hills with that weird red beard. Pass.
  3. Dr. Torres.. Stop feeling sorry for your single self and move on. Do you really miss that Dr. Hahn THAT much? At least your bangs are growing out. For awhile there I could barely look at you.
  4. Bailey! Pull yourself together! Where is that saucy black woman I know and love?
  5. Where, oh where has George O’Malley gone? I know he is quitting the show pretty soon, but cmon, give the guy a little break. You don’t have to phase him out so soon. I kind of miss him. Just have a big dramatic death scene like normal.
  6. Mark Sloan, be still my heart. How are you so hot? You make Patrick Dempsey look like a teeny bopper boy band member. Please make it work with Little Grey. She is good for you.
  7. Izzie Stephens- You are quite possibly my favorite person (uh…I mean character). Smart, hot, funny, compassionate. I’m glad that invisalign is working for your teeth. But when are we going to find that giant tumor that is undoubtedly causing your crazy Denny visions? Oh Denny Duquette… your rugged good looks and your sad little facial expressions just suck me in every time. I kind of want Izzie to die tragically and have a spin-off show about her life in heaven with you.

Well, I hope this is some food for thought. Please pull yourself out of the drama tv gutter and give yourself a little respect. I don’t think you want to subject yourself to the embarrassment of being beating out in the ratings by Bones or Hell’s Kitchen.

Much love,


6 thoughts on “2/6/09

  1. I agree, I was really disappointed. So NEXT week is the crossover? I haven’t finished private practice yet. Also agree give me McSteamy over McDreamy any day. He looks exceptionally good last night.


  2. Here! Here! I totally agree and laugh with all your correct assesments of this great show! Please, keep the commentary coming!!!!!


  3. Just finished private practice. I’m mad with th. Trickery and lies of a crossover.


  4. Micci you nailed everything I was thinking about! I watched Private practice and I was like “what the crap, that sucks!” Seriously though. They totally made us think that they were going to have the big show last night and instead it was a HUGE dissapointment!!! Sab


  5. I totally agree! We just watched it…I don’t know what to think. I love Izzy and Alex though. McSteamy is so beautiful. Hopefully next week makes up for it!


  6. Thank you! I couldn’t read this post until after I watched the show over the weekend (as I do). I’ve watched Greys religiously since its inception, but c’mon producers–you can’t get rid of every good character on the show. We’ve already lost Addison, and Izzy and George aren’t too far away. Who’s next? Meredith Grey? AND enough of the lesbo crap. We don’t care!Ahh. I feel so much better after venting, and of course I’m glad you catch my misery with this once great show.


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