Photo of the Week

Exciting news! New feature added to the blog!

Introducing: Photo of the Week

Every Wednesday I will post a new picture from our collection.

Without further adieu:

This photo requires a little back story to be fully appreciated. Jazz and I like to play this game in the evenings, perhaps some of you are familiar with it. Its called “Mess With Your Spouse in Any Way Possible.” Usually it starts with Jazz leaving his coat on the back of the chair. I retaliate with an episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” He then goes straight for dirty laundry evenly distributed throughout the hallway. It culminates at bed time- while one of us is brushing their teeth/removing contacts/washing face, the other one will throw all of other person’s pillows on the ground. This particular night Jazz started early. Pillows, ground, done. I knew Jazz would immediately repeat throwing my pillows on the ground if I put them back on the bed, so I took them with me to wash my face/brush my teeth. When it was his turn to brush and wash, of course I threw his pillows across the room and then undid his side of the fitted sheet. I can be pretty savage when I want to be.

Anyway, long story short (or not so short) Jazz documented his retaliation.
Just to clarify-

that is me.
under the covers.
sleeping soundly.

And Jazz has expertly toilet papered my side of the bed.


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. K first of all I love you bed frame it is so cute! So I know you wanted to come to one of my showers and I totally had an invite to send to you and then I had a miss hap and my doc put me on bed rest long story ill tell ya later but if you want to come it is this Friday in Pleasant Grove it’s just an openhouse. Let me know and ill give you details. If you can’t not a big deal at all. About the wii I haven’t unlocked that yet and I am banned from it for a while now so dang it! I love it though


  2. We will look forward to Wednesdays! You guys make me laugh! I love that he got back by toilet papering your side of the bed! That game has only gotten better at our house as the years of our marriage increase!Just a side note…I love your bed!


  3. Um, so that takes the Mormon past time of toilet papering to a new height! You guys are hilarious and I do so love you! The fact that you document this and incorporate pictures makes me cool just for knowing you!


  4. Okay so really don’t feel like you have to come cause it is tonight! It is in Pleasant Grove 865 w 260 s It is an openhouse from 6-8. So if you and your sister’s want to come I would love to have you there but totaly understand if you can’t. If you get lost or want to call me my number is 669-6674!


  5. Haaaaaaaa! I love it! 😀 You two are too cute!


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