Dear Today,

I regret to inform you that we are not getting along. I wish you could turn around and head in the total opposite direction. Its only 10 AM, what’s with the early evilness? So far today:

  1. I forgot my chapstick at home. I might as well be dead.
  2. I woke up late. My hair is flat and staticky. That isn’t a word, but go with me here.
  3. This outfit is lame.
  4. I ate three cookies for breakfast.
  5. I have a hangnail.
  6. I am done blog stalking/reading news/checking sites and I still have to be here at work for seven more hours.
  7. The idea of going to the gym tonight makes me want to barf.

But guess what Today– YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. I will force you to be better.

  1. We have a paid lunch at Rodezio’s today.
  2. It’s Friday and that means I don’t have to work for two full amazing luscious days.
  3. I have my trusty grey handbag at my side. Together, we can do no wrong.
  4. Harmon’s across the street has chapstick.
  5. Going to the gym means sauna time. Delicious.
  6. Stephanie Nielson, who was in that awful plane crash back in August, is back to blogging. Read her sparkly new post here.
  7. Tonight I have a date with a very handsome bearded man.

So Today? suck it.



4 thoughts on “1/16/2009

  1. Dear Today,Micci is WOMAN. Watch out. She’s in charge and she’s gonna make you say “Uncle”. -Clancy


  2. You show today who’s boss! Well, technically it is now Saturday, so you showed yesterday who’s boss. But, by the time you read this it will be… ahh forget it. You go sis!


  3. LOL! I hate days like that. I love how you can turn it around. Your a real treat Miss Micci


  4. Did you just say suck it?! LOL! xoxo


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