Migraine Update

Remember this post on my life-altering and monumental decision?

No, not the one where I got engaged or married or decided to move to SLC.

Not the one about getting the Wii fit or discovering Peppermint ice cream (I miss you already)

It’s the one about the end of my love affair with Caffeine and the power that I took -nay, stole- back from my evil nemesis in an effort to ward off my crippling migraines.

I gave up chocolate, Excedrin, diet orange soda, crystal light, and the ultimate of all sacrifices: Diet Pepsi. I missed that little blue can in my hand, comforting me, saying nice carbonated things about me, giving me a tiny mid-afternoon pick up.

At first it was hard. Like really, really, really, really hard. I used to be that kid that grabbed a 24-ounce DP out of the fridge in the morning to go with my Cheerios. I often had one stashed in my purse in case wherever I was going DIDN’T have DP. Who doesn’t have DP??

And after that first initial stage it got harder. We had a WHOLE case in the pantry, just sitting there waiting to be cracked open and enjoyed. It was like medieval torture chamber, only legal and modern and totally happening to me.

And then it got a little better. When Sabrina would come over, she would bring her 2-year emergency supply (just in case) and graciously let me insert my nose into the bottle and sniff up all the cola deliciousness. A few times I was really close to cooing “my precious”, while slipping the ring on my finger Gollum-style so no one could see me breakdown and drink the whole bottle in one gulp.

Today it has been 9 weeks since divorcing caffeine. I can honestly say it has been a good thing in the long run. My migraines are almost gone, I fall asleep a lot easier, and I never have to “try” to get my 8 glasses of water in every day. We have also saved about a billion dollars since I now order free water at restaurants when we dine out.

And the chocolate? Let’s be realistic here. As wee babes, the Sumsion children were nurtured by chocolate breast milk. It’s in our blood. I gave up all chocolate for awhile, now I have some here and there in moderation and I am fine.

But sometimes… I can’t help but think it might be worth the agony of a migraine just to once again enjoy that cold crispness of a fountain Diet Pepsi over crushed ice. Is that so wrong?

4 thoughts on “Migraine Update

  1. crushed sub-a-rama crushed ice!


  2. Yay for you! Good job on breaking the caffeine addiction and congratulations on the migraines going the way of all the earth (for the most part)! That’s awesome and exciting and I’m proud of you!


  3. i really am very impressed! i can only hope to be like you some day 🙂 but chocolate is my master.


  4. Yay for you Micci! Did you read the article that was in the Ensign on caffeine? I really liked it.


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