Check. This. Out.

Earlier today, Jazz and I were just sitting down to eat our delicious lunch, when THIS was advertised on a commercial. I froze, on my couch, mouth hanging open, and made Jazz rewind it at least twice so I could watch it again.

Introducing: Bumpits! Hair Volumizing Inserts, From Flat to Fabulous!

Let me break it down for you. These are crescent shaped pieces of PLASTIC that you stick in your hair for more volume and height. Tease and hairspray a nice big chunk of hair, place one of these little babies underneath and voila. You have authentic Utah Hair with little or no effort! The commercial showed tons of styles that can be enhanced by the Bumpit! product:

Why didn’t I think of this! They are selling them for like $20 bucks plus shipping and handling. Five pieces of plastic, manufactured somewhere foreign… they are making a ginormous profit from the mark up. Think of how many desperate moms, mate-seeking college students, and cheer squads across the state are totally going to buy this product right up.

Not going to lie, I kind of want a set.

8 thoughts on “Check. This. Out.

  1. that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Utah hair in a box…sooooo funny.


  2. All I could think about was sister krystal.


  3. Micci. No. for the love of God, come back from the light.


  4. Way too funny! I can totally see you needing one of these to complete your Utah makeover!:)hee hee!!


  5. OMG.If I ever see you with hair that resembles anything like this, I will never speak to you again.


  6. DO NOT PANIC. I ordered several sets, I could possibly spare one for you. Maybe you could start out with the mini-bump-it first. Such powerful hair accoutrements are not to be used haphazardly. One must ease into them slowly and with great caution. Perhaps someday, if we are both very, very lucky and dutifully practice with our bump-its, we too could have bee-hive hair at all times.


  7. Perhaps if I had ‘big happie hair’ the utahians would like me more… 😦


  8. Um, I just saw a lady in church this am that must’ve had this great product going on. I said to my daughter, while pointing discretely to said woman, “Do you think she just moved here from Utah?”Then we proceded to be rude and silently weren’t listening to the churh lesson for at least 5 minutes while we composed ourselves.


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