So far so good.

Today we are 1/52.14 of a way through 2009! Decimals in a fraction- already breaking rules right and left!

So I mentioned previously that Jazz got me the Wilton Cake Decorating set for Christmas that I was lusting after so lustily. This little blue box contains a bunch of neat tools to frost/decorate/fondant cakes, cookies and all kinds of baking masterpieces. Also, I LOVE IT.

This will keep me entertained for hours during the long and dark season of Nascar that begins again this February. (Tangent. Is there any time of year that all the sports teams close down and pay homage to wives? The answer is nay. Never a break, always some game going on somewhere.) I unpacked it all on New Year’s Eve to make a fancy holiday treat for our first countdown together. You should know that I have no idea what I am doing and I made the most ginormous mess in the kitchen. Powdered sugar everywhere. Sticky floor. Frosting on the oven handle. It was awesome.

This was the outcome of my strenuous efforts:

Individual cakes! I made one cake in a 9 x 13 (obvious choice: funfetti) and then I used a cookie cutter to cut out six little circles. Master Pastry Chef Mo let me have her secret cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting recipes and after a million phone calls to her (Is butter supposed to be salted? How do I fill these weird triangle baggies with frosting? How can this much powdered sugar possibly fit in my mixer?) I filled, frosted, and stacked my circles.

I’m not going to lie. They were delicious. I should also be honest and tell you that only the front side of each cake was decorated with puffs because I didn’t double the frosting like I was instructed to do. Overall, I was very proud of what I had created, even if one of them did resemble the Tower of Pisa just a little bit.

It was really fun to use my new gift- and even more fun to pour a glass of cold milk, grab a fork, and dig in. I think we have started a new New Year’s tradition for the Sorensen Family.

In other, totally unrelated news- I schooled Jazz is Wii Bowling. Sucka!

I DARE you to beat that!

2009? So far so good.

5 thoughts on “So far so good.

  1. Holy crap! that is an awesome bowling score. My highest is 189 & I'm pretty proud of that!Just more proof that I will NEVER be as cool as you are! How to actually meet you soon 🙂


  2. That looks super yummy! How the heck did you get that good at bowling? Now I need to see what my high score is…pretty sure it is not even close!


  3. when i come out next i want to decorate cupcakes with your fancy set! FUN! and yes. Funfetti is the best cake out there. hands down.


  4. Umm, Just to let you know, I bowled 2 300’s over the break in Portland on the Wii. No one will play me anymore. So I just dared you, and beat you! Boo-ya!


  5. I thought I had already left this comment somewhere, but maybe I just thought about leaving it!It was sooooo great to finally meet you. You are just as awesome in real life as you are on your blog. I had such a great time and was sad when the evening had to end. Can’t wait to see you next month.


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