Marital Secrets

Last night we had the sister missionaries over for treats. They are some of our favorite people and sometimes we do more laughing than we do learning.

We got sidetracked a little bit…I was babbling about my love of food. (What, you didn’t know? Seriously? See here and here and here and here.) Those Cadbury solid milk chocolate candies are back in season and holy decorative yarn balls if those things aren’t sinful.

As I was droning on about how I could eat Pillsbury crescent rolls indefinitely, Jazz piped up and said,”Yeah, and sometimes, when she is eating the last bite of her favorite thing, she holds it up to her face and sings a song to it.” And then he proceeded to croon James Blunt’s “Goodbye my lover….goodbye my friend. you have been the one, you have been the one forrrr me” with his eyes shut and his hand up to his face like he was was saying farewell to a soul mate.

Um….I really didn’t think you knew I did that…and also…

Thanks for ratting me out.

2 thoughts on “Marital Secrets

  1. That is hilarious! Is there going to be a war in the Sorensen house…Only a man would rat you out like that! I am addicted to the Cadbury balls to! Christmas and Easter are the best. We always stock up!


  2. Cadbury… ahhhhh….. I would sing to my food too, if I was as cool as you!


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