Hold the phone-

So I work at a travel agency where a lot of my time is spent on the phone answering questions and talking to clients. Well, right now most of my time is spent on facebook- but in the busy season, most of my time is spent on the phone.

Today I spent a good fifteen minutes talking to a woman about a trip to Lake Powell. She is planning this big trip next year with her kids and grand kids blah blah that’s all fine and great. Anyway, I’m wrapping up the call and she says “Um, are you from Utah? I can just tell by the way you talk. I live in Ogden.”

And then I jumped out of my third story window with the phone still in my hand.

Just to clarify, I do NOT have a Utah Accent. I don’t know what kind of drugs this woman was on to think that I can be classified in that group, but I do not. have. a Utah. Accent.

And she is from Ogden? That is the ground zero of the Utah Accent! If Angelina Jolie had to go in search for the birthplace of the Utah accent, she would end up in Ogden! Surely this woman must be totally insane to think I even had a whiff of Utah Accent in me.

Some out of state-ers may say “what is this accent you speak of?” Well, it sounds kind of like your mother never taught you to enunciate or properly form sentences. Mountain becomes meow-in. Pillow becomes pell-ow. Satan becomes say-in. Words become horrifically chopped up, extra syllables are added in just for fun. Are you terrified yet? These are GROWN ADULTS.

I’m going to go ahead and give this woman the benefit of the doubt here and say her phone was being crazy and also she is old and probably in a a mental institution and has no idea what she is saying.

That, or charge her double for her Lake Powell trip.

4 thoughts on “Hold the phone-

  1. Oh my stars! Just kidding, just kidding. No offense to Utah people, but I would have reacted exactly the same as you did. Too funny. Good thing you are going home to CA for Christmas.


  2. Oh Micci! I am so sorry that she made such a grave mistake. Hopefully it will never happen again.;)


  3. Yikes! I can usually only tell someone is from Utah from their driving..ahh


  4. LOL! I was born and raised in SLC and I don’t even have a Utah accent. It’s trying to creep into the next generation, though, and we don’t even live in the ‘Tah! (LOL at my phrase-thievery!) My oldest says buh-en for button and it drives me crazy. I correct him all the time and he laughs and says he likes to say it that way…. AHHHHHH!!!! Save me, Micci!


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