Let me tell you about these friends of mine.

These are the kind of friends the fly to Utah twice a year- just to see you for the weekend.
They make the long journey to Salt Lake for your wedding- and then throw you a surprise bachelorette party.

When you are in Sacramento and your car breaks down- they will zip over and pick you up and let you stay the night at their house.

They make you laugh so hard you literally fall to the ground out of breath.

Leigh and Mexi came to Utah to visit for the weekend. Mexi’s name is really Lorena, but we don’t call her that. We call her Mexi because she is Mexican and also because its funny. Friday we took the tram up to the top of Snowbird ski resort.

I thought Mex was going to lose her Marshmallow Mateys on the way up.

But she didn’t.

We went to dinner with the Provo girls:

and participated in the Ward Christmas Party

where Jazz learned some new gang signs:

*Nice Try, but your face totally gives you away.

But Sunday came, and the girls had to return to San Francisco. And true to tradition, we took a selfie at the airport. If you look closely, you might spy a BEARDY JAZZ in the background!

And now my spare room is empty, my kitchen table set for two. They are the bestest of friends and I am very lucky to count them as mine. I miss them already, and can’t wait for the next time they make the trek to the ‘Tah.

5 thoughts on “bfffffs

  1. Your friends are way cute and brave to make the trek to the ‘Tah twice in one year! Glad Jazz survived a weekend with so many women!


  2. aw mic! you are the best friend a girl could have! thanks for being the worlds best hostess and i can’t wait for our 2009 adventures. miss u and beardy jazz. xoxo!


  3. miss u too!


  4. Aren’t weekends the best? Looks like you guys had a blast. Some of my peeps come in for Christmas and I’m so FREAKING excited!So the camera… I just got the Nikon D90 for my anniversary. I’m glad you noticed bc that means I’m getting better at using it. It’s seems pretty complicated for someone like me (not a photographer really), but I love it.And TaiPan??? Yes, you correctly sensed some its glory spread throughout my tree. I can’t get enough of that place.


  5. Fun! Looks like a PARTAY!!! Dustin couldn’t have handled all the Est-factor of a weekend like that. You’ve quite an man on your hands…. a real trooper, I mean keeper!


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