Me and My Santa Baby

Saturday night was the annual ward Christmas Party. Jazz and I are on the activities committee (ha!) and therefore played some part in this night of holiday fun. I played a little ditty on the harp for the program and I also volunteered Jazz to bust out his acting chops and don a Santa suit. This was by far the highlight of my entire life. With a big “Ho Ho Ho” and a “Merry Christmas,” he entered on his cue of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.”

Doesn’t he look so Santa-like? Rosy cheeks? check! Twinkly blue eyes? Check! Stuffed little suit? Check! Its perfect! The kids had NO idea who he was under the beard and suit and I’m pretty sure they were convinced that he was the real deal. They were enthralled and actually wouldn’t let him escape to de-suit. He finally fed them a line about reindeer on the roof- totally brilliant. I’m so proud of him for stepping outside of his warm, cozy little comfort zone and braving something new.

Does that make me Mrs. Clause? Do I get a suit and a sleigh too? Elves around my house? More shopping privileges? Yes, thats probably it. I think I’d make a pretty saucy Mrs. Clause. Well, Christmas came early for me this year–nothing can top seeing Jazzypants in full Santa attire with a zillion little kids running at him armed with questions and wanting candy canes. Priceless.

P.S. Leigh and Mex have been in town since Thursday and they are leaving today. Sadness. We’ve had a super fun time and I will make giant mega post about our weekend tomorrow while I am wasting time at work.

7 thoughts on “Me and My Santa Baby

  1. awww… he made a fun Santa! and your a gorgeous Mrs. Claus


  2. now that is true love.


  3. I don’t think any Mrs. Claus ever had shoes as HOT as yours! 🙂 You two make a very Christmasy couple!!!


  4. SAUCY is right!!!!! We were thinking of you guys last night and he really is the cutest Santa in the history of the world!


  5. Micci, you continue to bring out the very best in Jazz! Thanks for being such a great person (and a wonderful Mrs. Claus!)Love, Bad Dad


  6. AWESOME! I never would have put Jazz as the ward-Christmas-party-Santa sorta guy, but hey he totally pulls it off.Those pics are priceless.Happy Holidays!


  7. Best Santa we have ever seen! Loved his HoHoHo! You did an amazing job playing the harp!You would make an awesome Mrs. Clause. Love the pic of you with Santa!


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