The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Today I spent eight hours at work trying to figure out how to extend the holiday from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas. This seems like a perfectly logical solution to my Monday blues.

We had a fantastical few days full of food and family and festivities. (Hows that for alliteration?)

Here is my new hair cut and my soon to be BEARDY JAZZ

Ellie helped me finish my rolls. She is five and very cute.

I made a pie- of the fancy, pumpkin variety.

I also nibbled on pink baby cheeks. Don’t be fooled. She is neither concerned nor scared.

Our nieces and nephew. And Jazz’s weird Canada/Rooster hat.

AND as a BONUS: I won the wishbone.

And no, I will not tell you my wish.

Because that will ruin it, don’t you know?

4 thoughts on “The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

  1. First, your haircut is adorable!! Love it. Your neices and nephews are so cute! Maybe you need to teach me how to cook…everything you make looks so yummy!


  2. I know your wish! I know your wish! Yes, your hair is adorable and I love the hidden blonde streaks. Your hair is like you…so pretty and sweet with hidden spice and spunk!What’s up with Ellie’s face in that one pic of the two of you? She looks like she’s about to seize up or something! I’m sure it was the yummy anticipated goodness of those rolls and they were to die for (but thanks for sparing all of us that heavenly hardship!)Where o’ where is Kris Kringle? Make sure he doesn’t carry too high or pep will think he’s incognito pregnito!!!!! LOL!


  3. Micci-you look great! I LOVE the haircut!!!


  4. Dear Micci,You look FANTASTIC with short hair. How come your hair has 25 times more volume than mine??? I seriously dig it.Love,Candace


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