I’m so glad its Friday. Taking NyQuil makes it nearly impossible to move any of my limbs when I wake up. My phone alarm went off this morning and I said, “Excuse me alarm, you want me to do WHAT?” And then I threw my phone directly into the wall where it smashed into a million pieces. Just kidding. Kind of.

Jazz spewed milk out of his nose last night. It might have been the single most awesome moment of our entire relationship. I could not stop laughing… I was literally on the ground in a little hamster fetus position. He was still laughing while dripping goo over the sink, and looked up and said “awww my mouf tastes like frow up!” And then I resumed my hamster fetus position.

Speaking of throw up. I bought a pink trench coat from banana republic that is SO CUTE. I can’t find it anywhere online, which makes me feel even more special, but when I wear it I will force Jazz to take a picture of me. I’m excited.

More excitement:
2 weeks until Oktoberfest ’08 in Disneyland
6 weeks until Thanksgiving
10 weeks until Christmas

Where does the time go???

2 thoughts on “10/17/08

  1. Ten weeks til Christmas?!? I am going to fail law school this semester. I had no idea I only had 10 weeks to get back in the game!


  2. Waiting for pics of the cute tranch coat!


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