dear tonsils

Dear Tonsils,

Its such a surprise to hear from you again! I kinda thought we had an agreement— I would have somebody take a giant knife and gently carve you out of my sensitive throat so you could run free, and in return you would GO AWAY AND STOP BOTHERING ME. Tonsils, I know its been awhile. Its been 16 whole months of us going along in our separate lives, when out of the blue *BAM* you take me out.

Now, I feel like I have been pretty fair to you. I followed through on my end…I even submitted to some extra local anesthesia so you would be comfortable whilst the scapel did its thang. I sent you to a fun day of “tests” at the lab to make sure you were nice and healthy.

After we were separated I had a really hard time. I missed your company so much that I puked. Many, many many times. I was so sad I didn’t eat for weeks. I just laid in bed, contemplating my decision to part ways. In the end I knew I had made the right choice, it really was the best thing for both of us.

Yet here we are again- downing NyQuil and Sudafed and all your other favorite treats. This was not part of our agreement. This should not be happening. You should be off with all the other tonsils, in a career now, raising little tonsils and teaching them all about tonsilitis. I know you love me, we have many good memories together…Burrito Bandito…In-n-Out…Mom’s Ham Ring. But this has to stop.

I appreciate your visit, but you have to be on your way- and soon. I look forward to your Christmas card- you and Jazz’s tonsils sure look great together.

Best Regards,

Your Former Mouth.

6 thoughts on “dear tonsils

  1. My mom had her tonsils out when she was a kid, and they grew back fully. She has a normal set of tonsils again.


  2. you are freakin’ cute! Sorry about your tonsils and their apparent addiction to you…. I’m sure Jazz would agree when I say, “Can you blame ’em?”Cute fallish background! Love it.Thanks for the cute comment on my blog the other day! You are so sweet!


  3. Remember when you went through hell to get your tonsils out? I had no idea those suckers grew back. Eww.P.S. Did you know the entire Chipman clan is joining you in D-land for Halloween? It’s going to be a PAR-TAY!


  4. OMG they can grow back? Like a lizards tail? That’s unneccisary and just ew. I’m sorry you have ew tonsils that grow back in your mouth. I made caramel brownies AND funfetti cupcakes this weekend. I should have sent you some.


  5. I had no clue that tonsils could grow back!?!? what the fuzz? that sucks. I am sorry…. BOOOO!


  6. I left you a comment the other day on here but it didn’t save for some reason 😦 DD’s grew back…it was gross! Brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘foul mouth’!


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