Just some loose ends…

1. I can’t believe that we woke up to two inches of snow. um, hello its October.

2. Whats better than a movie about adorable talking chihuahuas? The answer is NOTHING. We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Saturday night and it was awesome. Jazz wants everyone to know that I cried. Is anyone really that surprised…I didn’t think so.

3. Just recently it has come to my attention how completely and totally overjoyed I am to not be in school. Midterms and papers and homework are so overrated and my life is exponentially better now that I don’t loathe every day of class.

4. Why have I never used Press n Seal before? This stuff is like magic!

5. Sometimes the most delicious thing in the world is a really cold glass of 2 percent milk. I’m not normally a milk drinker– but give me some chocolate chip cookies, rice krispy treats, or zucchini bread and that glass of milk is so incredibly satisfying. The trick is to have the right milk to treat ratio, because running out of one or the other is absolutely catastrophic.

6. I know I talk about it a lot…but being married to Jazz is the best. He has this little wheezy giggle that is just so cute I can’t stand it. And he smells really, really delicious. Still finding joy in the journey.

The infamous Cheese Face appeared this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Just some loose ends…

  1. Really I wish that I could write like you…maybe in the next life I will get that talent. I finally got to catch up on blogs…I told Garrett that he had baby duty :). P.S. I heard that Nightmare on 13th was a good haunted house. Tell Jazz to find the best one for us!


  2. I am sorry I never told you about Press N Seal. It is amazing. I like sealing stuff and then flipping it over just like on the commercials. So far, it’s never failed – yay!


  3. Thanks Micci for your blog and your oh soooo cute observations! If memory serves me correctly, Jazz was also the same way with ratios… so many pieces of hot dogs to so many mouthfuls of mac & cheese!Love to all,Me


  4. Thanks John! We haven’t had hot dogs and mac and cheese yet… but I did find out Jazz likes ketchup in his mac and cheese! gross! Hope all is well with you! xoxo


  5. I’m sorry, did you say Jazz smells good?! I believe the word was delicious. Ew!


  6. Press and Seal… it’s so true. We are tight, P+S and I. Love your style, girl. You are so cute!


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