Convo with Jazz

Jazz: “Hey, can I hook my ipod to your laptop?”

Me: “Of course! What songs do you want?”

Jazz: “WOMANIZER, I need it for the gym”

Me: “Oh, really??”

Jazz: “Yeah, I gotta get my other favorites too.”

Me: “What other favorites?”

Jazz: “You know, Lucky, Stronger, and Baby, One More Time. All the good ones.”

My husband is so awesome.

4 thoughts on “Convo with Jazz

  1. Britney is actually a step up from Green Jello Sux. It really could be worse!!!He use to listen to “What if God was One of Us” over and over. See?!


  2. Really that is so cool. Go Jazz!


  3. don’t let mex here of this… she’ll want to throw a britney party when we’re out there. did you know it’s two days after her new album comes out? yah expect britney on repeat. jazz and mex can be bff’s!


  4. fuck yes britney feast in dec!


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