Finding joy in our journey.

Our weekend was seriously great. Saturday at 4 am I couldn’t sleep, which is odd, because usually I can sleep anytime, anywhere. So I got up and tried to be productive. I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time ever, and they were seriously delish. I would share them, but we ate them all. Sorry about that.

I am going to let you in on a shopping little secret. Two words: General Conference. The Gateway was totally abandoned by all the good people attending GC…I swear I was the only one in Anthopologie. A whole store just to myself- this is how Oprah must feel! Now before you get all judgy, I did set my Tivo to record both sessions so you just shut your mouth.

Sunday’s sessions of general conference were awesome. Do you ever feel like one or two talks were specifically written for you? President Monson gave this talk about finding the joy in the journey– really enjoying where you are in life, because it all goes by so quickly. Seriously, I felt like he was sitting in my living room saying “Sister Sorensen..I would really like to talk to you for a minute…”

I am so anxious for things. For dogs and for babies, for a house and for being grown up. Jazz knows this because I talk about it every single day. I suddenly freak out when I realize that we are getting so incredibly old and THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME. He keeps reminding me that we have lots of time, and to slow down and stop being so dang dramatic. So this is my new goal- not to be able to buy a house next year or to have a baby before I’m 26– but to really enjoy everything that I have right now.

In between the sessions on Sunday, Jazz and I went for a walk to the park near our house. There is this big overlook of the canyon, right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood. We just held hands and sat on the bench and looked at the fall leaves and the snow on the tips of the mountains. It was one of those times of total contentment, complete bliss. There was no place on the entire earth that I would rather have been than sitting there in the cold with my best friend.

10 thoughts on “Finding joy in our journey.

  1. I miss having a beautiful, Utah fall day to enjoy. Houston is jeans & t-shirt weather all year minus summer , which is nudity.I hope the dogs, babies, and house all come when you're ready for them.


  2. Beautiful. I, too, felt like President Monson was saying, “Clancy, I’d really like to talk to you for a minute…” for entirely different reasons than you listed, but reason nonetheless. That talk was just the very thing I needed to hear for my own special reasons. I’m so glad you enjoyed that beautiful moment in the park with Jazz. You are such an example of the joy we should all be having in marriage. The complete devotion and elation that you share about being with your husband makes me recommit to being more elated and more supportive and more devoted to my Dustin. Thank you for your example. 🙂 You are awesome!


  3. Micci, you DID share the delish cinnimon rolls, remember?! And yes it’s true, they were to die for. THANK YOU SO MUCH!Conference was great and I love the ‘Sister Sorensen’ comment and was just picture Tommy S sitting in your living room talking to you and telling stories from his youth to illustrate a point!So glad you guys could take a walk, enjoy the fall and appreciate one another! You really are a reminder of what it’s all about. I so need to be a better wifey!!!!


  4. Amen, sister. Great post.


  5. Loved this post, Micci.I can just imagine your face as you anticipated the GC Anthropoligie experience!! No judging here – I would have done the same thing, sweetie!!It’s all about balancing the spiritual with the temporal, sister, and judging from your post, your time at Gateway was a “spiritual experience” !!!!


  6. i love you mic. i wish i was in utah right now.


  7. Micci!!!I can’t believe you found me. I am a total techo nerd and can’t really even blog let alone find other people! I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you are doing?! How is married life? It sounds like you are in total bliss, which is the way it should be! Would it be oK if I linked you to my blog. that is if I can figure it out?Good to hear from you!


  8. omg I want cinnamon rolls! Hey don’t get crazy with the baby talk I’ll buy u a teacup doggie so Simma! Can’t wait to see u and talk all about team edward. Miss ya


  9. Yes, it is better to have less & be satisfied, than be wanting more & being dis-happy!Love to all,Bad Dad


  10. Dis-happy? Know you know where Jazzy gets it!!!!Good one, Dad!


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