All the things I’d rather be doing.

Here are all the things I’d rather be doing than sitting bored at work:

  • Browsing Anthropologie. My good friend Brianne blogged about Anthro a few weeks ago, and ever since then I have been itching to get down to the Gateway. I could buy one of everything there…except then I would be homeless. Its a tad pricey.
  • Exercising of some sort. Its perfect outside, not too hot and not too cold (“All you need is a light jacket!). I feel like Jabba the Hutt sitting at my desk all day. Do you think I could install a treadmill in front of my computer?
  • Playing with Jazz. We just got LEGO BATMAN for the Wii and we haven’t even had a chance to play it yet. Not even fair. Although last night I did reclaim my crown as reigning Queen of Catan. Jazz has been wearing the tiara for a few weeks now and I’m glad I finally got it back.
  • Baking. Baking bread. Baking cupcakes. Baking delicious fall treats. And then eating them. Last night I made my mom’s awesome recipe of zucchini bread. After a small set back, (yeah I purchased cucumbers. not zucchinis. they are very different.) the bread came out really tasty and reminded me of home.
  • Organizing our closet, taking out summer clothes and replacing them with warm, winter clothes. This is one of my favorite things to do ever. I love love love fall.
  • Playing with someone else’s dog. We can’t have any pets at our apartment, and I am seriously dying to have a puppy. Like, sometimes I want one so bad I can’t breathe and I fall over on the ground hyperventilating. Jazz just ignores this behavior. *note to self: come up with new behavior that is too irritating to ignore.
  • Pretty much anything and everything at this point. My days drag like the bottoms of Sabrina’s pants.

Any ideas? What can I do at work to fill my time?

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