Better late than never…

So we finally got our wedding photos! I’m not gonna lie, I am pretty happy with the way they turned out. Our photographer did a great job capturing little moments throughout the day. I put a slideshow in the corner of our page with all of the pictures, but I thought I would post a few of my favorites.

Its been ten weeks as of yesterday- I can’t believe how quickly the time has past. Last night we took Jazz’s mom to dinner and then went grocery shopping. Who would have thought that picking up our groceries would be the best part of my whole week?? It sounds boring but its the small things that we get to do together that are the most fun. I know, barf.

4 thoughts on “Better late than never…

  1. Did anyone ever tell you you are adorable!! Oh, yes, I remember… everybody does!! 🙂 I LOVE the pics! Can I just say that you have the puckerin’ up thing DOWN! It’s the perfect kiss face! Ha ha! And, Ms Micci… you need to stop it with the qualifying important statements like “its the small things that we get to do together that are the most fun.” with statements like “It sounds boring but…” Those are the treasures of your week and there’s no barf about it! The more you say things like that, the more those small things that you love will turn into “barf”! Your unconscious mind listens to and believes EVERYTHING you say. It DOESN’T understand sarcasm and what you speak is what you receive! Please don’t think we are all gagging as we read those precious things. I can’t speak for everyone who reads your blog, but for me, I simply sit here wishing that I could jump back into that newlywed time where my favorite part of the week was grocery shopping with my honeybuns!! So take it or leave it but I say lose the negating phrases and let those magic moments be magic! 🙂


  2. Serious barf!!! Wait, you’re talking about my brother, right?! Yeah, barf.Could you be any more beautiful?! One of my fav’s is the pic of you and your sisters…the angle of your face and the pucker are perfect!The pics look great and captured the crazy love that was in tha air that day. I’m pretty sure that two of you saturated everyone and everything with your lovey butterflies!


  3. Micci!! How fun! You’re married and stuff. Remember those fun times freshman year? wow…that was a long time ago. But you are beautiful as always in every single one of those pictures and when I read your jiffy lube letter it was perfect…so much fun! Thanks for finding me! Who else has blogs from freshman year?


  4. Your photographer did a nice job! Beautiful pics, and cute outfits all around.So ten weeks, that makes you 9 weeks pregnant?? 😉 Just thought I’d start on the pregnancy teasing early so you can build up a tolerance.


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