dear jiffy lube

Dear Jiffy Lube,

Is it too much to hope that I might be able to get my oil changed on my hour lunch break? I mean, a full hour, would that be too much to handle? And while I wait in that tiny germ-filled “air conditioned” box, is it too much to ask for you to have ANYTHING to read but Sports Illustrated magazines from 2006? And no, putting “Passions” on your T.V. does not make up for it. Also, could you please not tell me all of the different liquids that were full, topped off or empty? I do not want to see my air filter- never ever. No, I would not like to have my transmission changed out or four new tires and definitely not new wiper blades, mine are fine thank you. And as much as I enjoy folding that giant pink paper receipt and squishing it into my wallet, would it be possible for you to print a normal sized receipt for me? I do enjoy stepping into the oily nastiness that is your garage, but maybe an inside computer, with anyone other than mr. greasy hands could operate, would be nice.


Your loyal customer since 2000,

Micci with the 4 runner.

5 thoughts on “dear jiffy lube

  1. preach it. i totally agreet!!! ugh… you have a husband now, can’t he do that for you?! haha


  2. haha! i love this side of you just as much as i love all of the others. you crack me up, lady!


  3. I laughed when I read this because I think the EXACT same things when I go to JL. As much as they charge to “top off” every nook and cranny in my engine, you would think they could put in the CURRENT issue of People, or even National Geographic for that matter. And the TV – come on. You are right on. Love your blog. Hope you and Jazz are doing great.


  4. That made me laugh! We had so much fun at dinner tonight with you guys! We are glad that you moved here! How do you know Peekaboophotos? Saw that they were on your favorites and that is who we go to also! Katie does an awesome job!


  5. Preach on sista!! I agree those oil change places are nasty!! Sometimes they do serve popcorn but who wants to eat that especially since you know those greasy oily hands are probably the one’s who filled the kernels in the first place. BARFARONIS!!


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