I know I blogged about the social state of China, the lack of human rights and freedoms of the people there… but I can’t help but watch the amazing accomplishments of the athletes that are competing. Despite being located in Beijing, the Olympics are still a huge symbol of hope and peace, of perseverance and achievement.

Last night we watched Michael Phelps win yet another Gold Medal, setting the record for the most gold medals ever won in the history of all the Olympic Games. He makes me feel fat and lazy. My favorite part of watching him win is seeing his mother. They did a little blurb about his mom, how she is his biggest fan, always supporting him, etc. She is so cute- she is sitting in the stands, cheering him on like a soccer mom, like she is is watching her ten year old run around on the field. In reality, her son is the greatest swimmer of all time. Thats kind of a big deal.

Again, makes me feel fat and lazy.

5 thoughts on “Also…

  1. I watched ping pong in the middle of the night and I have to admit it was pretty gay. They were all serious about it but couldn’t pass the ball more than three or four times. Forrest Gump put them to some serious shame! I also saw a clip of your swimmer boy Phelps. President Bush was there in his grill all shaking his hand. Kind of made me feel bad for the other atheletes. Them I thought, is that really any kind of privelege?!I feel bad but I’m just not feeling the Olympics this time around! Then there is all of the controversy surrounding China and also some of the decisions they have made to keep up appearances with the Olympics and it just kind of takes the wind from my sails 😦


  2. That’s cool about the Phelps guy. I guess I’m the oddball, but I’ve NEVER “felt” the Olympics. I just don’t care. I didn’t even know they were going on until my friend Maggie blogged about them. I don’t watch them, but I guess having T.V. would be helpful in that department. 🙂 Anyone would feel fat and lazy watching the fastest swimmer in the world. Think how those ping-pong guys must feel! LOL!


  3. I’m a little bit obsessed with Michael Phelps. His body is poetic.


  4. Um, course we can be blog friends. Jen is my blog friend too…she’s the Fongs on my friend list. Hooray for long lost friends found through the internet!Congrats newlweds!


  5. Of course, I love more blog friends! Congrats on your wedding; I hope you get your real pics back soon (better than the blank cd!) and please share when you do!


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