In an effort to be a better blogger, I am trying to update every day this week. I always think of something midday and go “oh that would be good to put on the old bloggie” and then I forget. And by forget I mean I get too tired and I fall asleep at like 9:30.

but what to blog about…

my new deliciouso quesadilla recipe?
potential trip to california aka octoberfest 08?
how I don’t have to go back to school?
the five pounds I have put on?
did I mention how ecstatic I am to not go to school?
the jack johnson concert we went to?

And I choose: the best story of all time.

The other night Jazz and I were saying our nightly prayers. Among other things I prayed for our families to be safe, how we are grateful for our new ward and Bishopric, grateful for our blessings, etc. After I finished, we got up and were getting settled in bed and he was all giggly. This is how the conversation went.

Me “Hey what are you giggling about. what is so funny.”
Jazz: “Nothing. hehe.”
Me: “Cmon tell me or Im gonna punch you.”
Jazz: “Well, its just that you prayed for the wrong bishop. Our bishop’s name is Bishop Miller, not Bishop Rick.”

Jazz had heard me say “bishopric” and thought I meant Bishop Rick! He had never heard the term before and thought I just forgot our bishop’s name.

My husband is the cutest man ever.

5 thoughts on “Blogtastic

  1. Dang, that is pretty funny! Remind me to tell you about the day of my baptism! He pulled some funnies then too!!! Great story!!!!


  2. LOL! That’s great! My Ella thinks our bishop’s name is Rick too. If you ask her what the Bishop’s name is, she’ll tell you Rick every time. Cute, cute, cute!!! :)And I love the goal to blog everyday!!! That’s my goal too. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but it’s a good aim for sure! 🙂


  3. That is an awesome story!


  4. hahahahahhahahaha omg hilarious! but do tell… i need another “B” word in the dictionary. what’s Bishopric? i love you guys. and i’m so glad you’re blogging more.


  5. That’s pretty dang cute.


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