Banana, Birthday, and Baby

Alright first off I just want to say I took everyone’s advice and went to Banana Republic in search of pants. Not only did they have fantastical pants, they were all on sale. I purchased four pairs of super nice pants for around 80 bucks. Now I feel confident going to work every morning all semi business professional- even if that one girl DOES wear sweatpants sometimes. We also went to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale– it was absolutely chaotic. People were pushing and yelling things like, “hey you, sales associate, cmere!” There were some great sales though..

Secondly, I had a birthday last week. Now, usually I call July “My Birthday Month” when speaking casually about dates or events during the entire month. That way, after dinner I could say, “Hey Jazz, could you clean up the dishes? After all, its my birthday month.” My family knows I attempt to use this whenever possible.

However…since we are now married I have to share my birthday month with my husband. If you know me at all you know this is a great sacrifice for me- it must be true love if I am willing to share my Birthday Month festivities. His birthday is the 31st, which is basically August anyway.

On my birthday, Morgan surprised me at work with an adorable cake for me to share with my new coworkers. Morgan’s cakes are so good- everyone gushed over how tasty it was…how does she do it..that sort of thing. It was awesome. She also made me a regular cake for at home and we ate that after dinner that night. She also made Jazz a NASCAR cake since his birthday was coming up, and she was going to miss it because she is now in California. (if you are keeping tabs, that is three cakes.)

I think I OD’ed on cake…I was eating it for like five meals a day. That can’t be healthy.

Also, big news- Britta had Baby Adalie! Last Saturday she was born around 5 pm, and we got to see her at about seven. She is absolutely beautiful- mom and baby are doing well. In fact, I kind of hate Britta for looking so fantastic after giving birth to a baby. Its one of those times you are just supposed to look a tad….gross. But she looks awesome. We have been over to the house a few times to bring food and hang out. I am now known as a “Baby Hog” but I don’t really care.

I told Jazz to grab the car seat and run… but we didn’t get very far.

P.S. Shark Week is on this week on the Discovery Channel. Do you think I could call in sick for five consecutive days?

4 thoughts on “Banana, Birthday, and Baby

  1. You’re cute, you cook, you clean AND you put up with Jazzy butt??? You’re like Wonder Woman or something. I don’t get it but I definitely don’t mind given that we seem to benefit from your amazing abilities! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF MY LITTLE (BIG) FAMILY! You really are wonderful and please, please, please know that you can come by ANYTIME and you DON’T have to bring food!!!! We all love your company and just so you know Ellie was begging for more of your yummy chicken and rice tonight at bed time! I’m pretty sure you’re her idol! Not a bad choice if I do say so myself! ;)You have definitely had a busy month! I loved seeing the pics of Morgan’s amazing cakes and the birthday deco in your apartment! I hope you know now and always remember just how very much we all love you. I seriously feel like one lucky girl to have a SIL that is so wonderful! Honestly, I told Mark tonight that even if we weren’t family you are someone that I would totally cherish as a friend. You are darling and I do so love you!So now about Manic Monday…xxoxbv


  2. Happy Birthday Micci and Jazz! Hope you both have or had Fabulous days!


  3. Happy Birthday month to you both. I think Jazz should just be the man in the relationship and move his birthday to August first.


  4. Okay I agree that Britta looked awesome too. Your right its not fair! And don’t you love Banana Republic sizing. It’s awesome!!! I love their pants. 80 bucks for 4 pairs. Holy COw!


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