And many More.

It was my adorable husband’s 29th Birthday on Thursday. This was our first “Birthday Month” living together, since we have only been married a whopping seven weeks now. We both worked that day, I snuck home early to decorate and to frost my pathetic cake. Morgan made a delicious fancy cake for him a few weeks ago- but I still wanted to have something to put candles so I could sing to him.

My favorite moment of the evening was lighting the candles on his cake- and then realizing that I was the only one singing! I am so used to having the whole entire family around for a loud, boisterous rendition of Happy Birthday at all pitch levels possible. As I sang a quiet verse by myself, I realized how many more birthdays we will celebrate together- eventually with kids and extended family.

29 Reasons why I love my husband:

1. he puts a surprise tiny bag of candy in my lunch
2. he lets me pedicure his feet
3. he loves to spend time with my family
4. he doesn’t say anything when I reach for my third donut
5. he likes everything and anything I cook
6. he has bright blue eyes
7. he talks in his sleep
8. he lets me tivo girly shows, then watches them with me
9. he always opens the door for me, even still
10. he knows what to do when I cry
11. he rubs my head when I have headaches
12. he doesn’t care when I wear jammies all day
13. he looks adorable holding babies
14. he comes with me to church faithfully every week
15. he looks really cute when he has to wear his glasses
16. he never (ever) wins at Settlers of Catan, but he will still play with me
17. he takes the garbage out every week
18. he gets wheezy when he laughs too hard
19. he has crazy Pennsylvania words/foods/ideas
20. he loves animals like me
21. he is picky about his outfits
22. he makes me smile and laugh every day
23. his hair gets all fluffy after he sleeps
24. he is a packrat, hates to throw things out
25. he is constantly working/fixing things around the apartment
26. he kills all the spiders
27. my whole family loves him
28. he hugs and kisses me every single day
29. he continues to surprise me!

Here are some bday pictures..and some more photos of baby Adi.

Jazzy with his Cake

Jazzy with some presents

Me and Adi- we got to watch her for the whole night!

7 thoughts on “And many More.

  1. my wife is just so dang cute, and i love her to pieces! And just you wait until you try scrapple, it’s the most amazing food in all of Pennsylvania! ( I love you wifey! ~jazzy


  2. I love your little newlyweddeness! It’s so endearing and it makes me remember when D and I were newlyweds. Those were some good times. Still good times, ten years later… the love just grows deeper and stronger, but it takes work. It’s work that’s as easy as breathing at times, and other times it’s as easy as breathing while running a marathon… but it’s all so worth it. You two are the cutest.


  3. Stinking adorable. Did the babysitting make you want one?


  4. Micci… you are the best woman alive for Jazzy. I am so glad that you accepted his proposal! 🙂 your a doll! Happy Birthday John!


  5. Micci I am so glad I found your blog! I was so excited! Now I can know what you have been up too! Being married is the best! I am so glad you guys are happy! stop by and see me soon!


  6. Holy crap. You were right. I totally spaced commenting on this post and actually reading through it now I’m not entirely sure that I checked it out other than the pic of Jazzy with his cake. My apologies :(At any rate, I seriously wanted to cry my eyes out reading this. You have no idea how happy I am for the two of you. Micci, you are an amazing individual and even if you weren’t my SIL I would want to keep you forever in our lives. Jazzy has been through quite a bit of strangeness (circumstance) over the years and while none of it made sense then it all makes sense now! The two of you are absolutely endearing and I do love you both so much. Thank you so much for babysitting for us (the Leaking Pot rocked hard!). We’re excited to see you guys tomorrow and Ellie is already talking up your “Basagna”!Seriously, we love your cute face to pieces!!!


  7. 20. he loves animals like mewhat kind of animal are you?


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