Mind Explosion

There are so many things I wanted to update about. And I feel as if my blogging skills are inadequate.

1. I am obsessed with our apartment. I love it. Its adorable. Pictures to follow.

2. I started my new job yesterday. Officially, I work for the Go-Travel Sites which basically consists of one main website with 50 smaller websites, one for every state. They also run Houseboating.org which is a website that books house boating vacations all over the United States. My job will consist of booking these houseboat vacations- a lot are for Lake Powell here in Utah. Surprisingly, Lake Shasta (right by my hometown) is in their top three most popular lakes. This is my first grown up 8-5 job- I am already struggling with the whole early morning thing. Everyone has been super friendly and I am excited.

3. In our post wedding organization and shopping spree, I have found some things that are just so totally awesome that you all need to know about. The first one is this line of tupperware. Its called Snap and Lock or something like that. They are watertight, dishwasher safe, and make a really great popping sound when you shut them. The lids are interchangeable so you don’t have to hunt for the exact one size in the lid drawer. (Maybe you don’t have a lid drawer. but you definitely should.) I love them and use them for everything.

4. Britta is going to have her baby soon! I am so excited I wanna barf. I can’t wait to meet this tiny little person. She thinks it will be any day now and every time my phone rings I get excited.

5. Living with Jazz is so awesome. Its like living with my best friend all the time. He has been so conscious of my obsessive cleaning compulsion– he is so tidy! He has helped organize and shop and hang stuff up and everything. Before I started working, I had a lot of time to make dinner and play housewife. I loved having the table all ready for Jazz when he got home from work- Here is our lil Sunday dinner…

8 thoughts on “Mind Explosion

  1. so freaking cute! I love you my dear wife!


  2. do you have any idea how freakin’ adorable you are? i love seeing the world through your precious eyes! you have such a zest for life, a personality the size of some super large thrid world country and a heart that exceeds even that. you’re blogging skills are far from inadequate, i’m stoked that the new job is going well (and even more psyched that you get to be comfy while you’re there!), your apartment REALLY is that adorable and your house wife stuff cracks me up AND makes me want to be better!i learned a lot reading this post. most interesting to note was A) i need a drawer for tupper ware lids (good thing i don’t have any!) and B) i don’t think anyone has ever referred to my darling little brother as “tidy” so that affect is all yours and simply reminds me of your Father’s commentary at the reception!!!


  3. You are the darn cutest thing ever! I love how you said you were so excited you “wanna barf”! LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing!


  4. Hey Micci and Jazz. Congratulations on your marriage, and you two seem perfect for each other! I love reading your blog, such fun personality and humor. Hope life only gets better from here on out!


  5. Hey guys! You two are so cute. Ah to be a newlywed again, the best is yet to come! Congrats guys!


  6. Hey guys! You two are so cute. Ah to be a newlywed again, the best is yet to come! Congrats guys!


  7. i love this. i want those snap and lock lids, right now (ps my birthday is 9/10! haha). in unpacking our tupperware i noticed our lack of matching bowls to lids and i was so frustrated. also, i love playing in my new home, too. i can’t wait for you to see it as i’ve seen yours. oh fun. i miss you both. LOVE U!!!!!!new job? what? i need details NOW!


  8. hahahahahahahaha you got me the lids that i actually asked for in a previous blog comment. lol. oh you are the B.E.S.T!!!! i’m calling you tonight. mexi and i wanna chit chat with you. LOVE LOVE LOVE the package you sent me. LOVE it all. and Love YOU! is it december 4th yet?!


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