Rice Krispy Overdose.

So last night my brother Sean and his wife Rachel came over for games. At the last minute we decided to do dinner together before games. I only had salad and fruit in my sad little fridge- they totally came through with Taco Soup and it was tasty. We played some Catan and whipped up some Rice Krispy Treats. We have been addicted to them for awhile now- they are so gooey and delicious. Anyway, I ate too many of them and I wanted to barf so I just laid on the couch in pure RKT agony.

The night was winding down so Sean and Rachel headed home. I literally couldn’t even move on the couch. Jazz quietly picked up the board game, did the dishes, and handwashed the pans. He wiped off the counters and put the furniture back- all without me saying a word.

He helped me brush my teeth and get into bed, tucked me in and kissed me goodnight. Now, in case you didn’t know I am totally afraid of the dark and I am paranoid at night sometimes. I was kinda freaking out because all of my roommates are gone now. Jazz went around to every room in the apartment and made sure the windows and doors were secure and locked- he even left a nightlight on for me. He stayed with me for awhile until I was asleep and then snuck out the front door.

This morning when I woke up I remembered all the cute things that Jazz did for me last night. He was so thoughtful and made me feel so safe and comfortable- he took such good care of me. I laughed a little bit this morning when I found the rolling pin in my window seal track that Jazz put there to keep the window from opening.

At the risk of sounding corny-I can’t wait to marry him!

3 thoughts on “Rice Krispy Overdose.

  1. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!! What a guy. And it’s ok to sound korny when you’re engaged!


  2. oh that rolling pin part just made me tear up a little.


  3. it’s so funny to see my ‘little’ brother through your eyes! i am so glad that the two of you have each other and can’t wait for your big day!!


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