Europe to Bat!

Well your not up to bat, I am actually! Yes, it is I, the Jazzman! Micci of course is in Europe for the past 7 days so I thought I would update the blog! (And hey, it was either Europe to Bat or European in my Soup, I think I chose wisely!)

Where to start, well I successfully was able to get rid of the giant BOLD blog headlines! YAY!! Micci challenged me, and well I came through! I also gave the blog a face lift. How does it look? I think I need to tweak some of the colors, but I’ll wait for Micci to help. We all know I’m a bit challenged in the color coordination department. haha!

So Micci Update: Today her and the Family are off to Rome, hopefully to see many beautiful sites there and hopefully a real bed! They just ended their 3 day stint in Paris. However, their 3 bed hotel rooms ended up having 2 twin beds and a weird purple couch that Micci had to cram on to and try to sleep. This is why I hope she gets a bed on the next leg of the trip. Besides the not fun sleeping conditions, they went to the Louvre and had dinner ON the Eiffel tower! Although she let me in on a fact that french people don’t like ice, whats that about?? Who like warm soda? Oh and before Paris, they toured London, I know they saw Big Ben, Les Misérables and I think she might of had english tea with the queen. Of course Im sure once she is back, she will give everyone a much more detailed report of their travels and pictures.

Jazz Update: Well I got to go to Game 3 of the Jazz’s Playoff series tonight. My brother-in-law had a extra ticket and decided to invite me along, Thanks Marky! Sadly though, the Jazz lost and now are 2-1 in the series and hopefully can win on Saturday to take a decisive lead in the series. I also miss my mic terriably, it sucks to not be able to call her or text her or even just hold her hand. I cant wait until she is back on Tuesday! Today also marks 50 days left until our Wedding! YAY for us!

Well Im off to bed!

5 thoughts on “Europe to Bat!

  1. JazzMan!!! You are the cutest! I love the facelift…it is tres chic!I got your wedding invite. You are so awesome to send me one! We are so totally coming! Looking forward to 50 days from now! 🙂


  2. Oh, ya…. by the way… it’s not called soda… it’s POP! 😉


  3. oh ya… I am so excited that I’m on your friends list on the sidebar!!! Yay! You rock!


  4. Okay little brother…the face lift is nice, yes the colors need some love and agreed that is a very challenged department of yours! Euros drink almost everything at room temp and ice is not common. Did you not ever read any of my letters from my mish?! you suck.


  5. i like the new look.


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